The Savvy Shopper’s Dirty Little Secret

Going online can save your piggy bank from starvationI’m just like any girl. I love the thrill of walking into a store, perusing the latest new clothing and shoes, and trying things on. I’m also an obsessive “feeler” of fabric – everything that catches my eye must then pass the touch test, in which I rub the fabric between my fingers to test the quality and weight of the cotton, silk, or cashmere. Needless to say, I find endless joy in going inside a real store and seeing clothing and shoes firsthand to judge their quality. But in an effort to be a savvy shopper, I’ve turned online to find the best bargain on the items I find in-store.

Here’s where the dirty little secret comes in: most items you find and lust after in a stores can be found online – for less. So quelch the urge to walk your fabulous find to the cash register, and go online when you get home. The best sites to get great shopping deals are and TheFind is my personal favorite, simply because it searches more webpages than any other shopping site and always brings back exactly what you’re looking for.The ShoesThe is a close second, because it lists the prices including shipping costs – which varies from store to store and can make a big difference in the final price you pay for an item. I once found a pair of Steve Madden leopard print calf hair peep-toe flats (say that ten times fast!) through for only $40 at an online shoe retailer, even though they were still selling in the Steve Madden stores for $95!

The trick to using these sites is knowing the exact name that the product goes by. Make sure you write down the brand, name of the style, or style number and even the name of the color. These are all details that will come in handy when searching for the product via the internet – you can’t just describe what you want and expect the search box to read your mind ;).  With that, I wish you happy, savvy shopping!


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One response to “The Savvy Shopper’s Dirty Little Secret

  1. Matt

    Hello- This is Kaaryn. I love to hear you are a “feeler” because Matt thinks I am crazy for being a “feeler”. Why would I buy it otherwise?

    I am so glad we can get to know you through your website. I hope you are doing well and the wedding plans are moving along smoothly. Good Luck

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