Bridesmaid Dress Options….

Bridesmaid MontageFor a girl who worships cut, fit and style, perhaps nothing is more frightening than the ill-tailored, putridly-colored bridesmaid dress. Consequently, I cringe when I think of a traditional bridesmaid dress. In fact, the ugly bridesmaid dress is so ubiquitous in American wedding culture that there’s a movie dedicated to their fuglicious splendor (27 Dresses). When I got to the point in my wedding planning where I began to think about bridesmaid dresses, I promised myself – and my bridesmaids – that I would pick something cute and flattering.

What made my search easier is that my wedding colors are white, black and a chartreuse green. In lieu of sticking my friends in bright green, I thought black dresses would be a chic (albeit untraditional) choice. Besides, everyone looks great and feels comfortable in a black dress, am I right? Pictured above are the frontrunners so far… (keep in mind, the first dress would be ordered in black). 🙂 The only true bridesmaid dress (from a bridesmaid dress store) is the first one by Priscilla of Boston, which I loved because it doesn’t look like a bridesmaid dress, but has the convenience of a bridesmaid dress (it can be easily ordered in everyone’s size and we won’t have to worry about it selling out). The other three options are just regular dresses I found at Nordstroms and Bloomies. P.S. I just love the second dress from the left… I’d like to buy it myself if I end up choosing another bridesmaid dress, haha…

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  1. fashionnation1on1

    well here is my honest opinion I LOVE the first one from the left…and if its gonna be black why not add a little detail for it like a little ribbon belt in chartreuse green….or a brooch in the same chartreuse green on either the left or right where the skirt begins…or why not alternate and have half of them wear the belted ribbon and the other half the brooch…just my little humble opinion. Also the dress far to the right is cute which kinda looks like the one on the far left….the second to the left is too casual for a wedding unless its like a garden wedding and nothing too formal…that dress screams garden party!! the second one from the right uh not fund of it…it can be a little unflattering if either your bridesmaids have a big bust or in some cases none at all….you want all eyes on YOU not on the girl standing next to you because she is about to pop out of that dress or because she keeps fixing her dress to make the illusion….well ok thats all i gots to say…GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!!!

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