For All You Trojan Girls

USC T-ShirtAs a student at ‘SC, finding cute USC tees was nearly impossible. I usually resorted to buying a Large in the kid’s t-shirt section because it offered the best selection.

The worst fits in the bookstore were the faux-babydoll tees – the company who manufactured shirts fully believed that a wide, belly-baring shirt with sewn-on thin crewneck and crew sleeves was a winner. No joke. Manufacturers, if you’re reading this – please cease and desist production of these monstrosities immediately. Girls – if you went to USC, you know exactly what I’m talking about and you feel my pain.

The only adorable SC shirts that I’ve come across have hailed from Chip and Pepper. But sadly, my favorite Chip and Pepper USC Trojan shirt is getting a bit ragged since it’s the only suitable option I own.

But hark! What is this I see? A soft tee with a long, lean shape and the Trojans logo emblazoned across the front? At a mere $32? I just had to share this with all my fellow long-suffering Trojan girls. Alas, the only size left is a Medium – so if you’re interested, click your way on over to Nordy’ and snap these babies up before they’re gone.

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