Slightly Obsessed.

I first spotted this scrumptious satchel while meandering through Saks with a friend. It would already be mine, save for my unnecessarily cruel, self-imposed shopping ban. It’s absolutely beautiful in person – the pictures really don’t do it justice. Instead of hoarding this beauty inside my mind I though I’d share it with my favorite people, just in case anyone is in the market for a beautiful bag.

It comes in a classic black (my fave), Spring’s hottest shade of pink, and a steely gunmetal. All three are fantastic, but for different reasons. Go for black if you want a classic to wear forever, pink if you’re looking for this season’s It Accessory and gunmetal for a neutral but interesting piece to add to your wardrobe.

Besides the great colors I love the double braided handles, the hidden magnetic closure and the cell phone pocket inside. Love it? Get the Gunmetal at Saks, the Black and Pink at Neiman Marcus.

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