Spa Week is Here!

Gotta Love Spa WeekFor beautyaholics, Spa Week is like a week-long glee fest that rivals Christmas or Hannukah. If you’re a spa week virgin, let me explain: Once a year, in cities across the country, spas reduce their prices on featured beauty treatments (facials, pedicures, laser hair removal etc) to a mere $50 per treatment.

This year Spa Week lasts from April 14th – April 20th, and I’ve already booked 3 treatments (the normal value of which is over $600). Visit Spa Week’s official website, choose your city and scroll through a list of featured spas and treatments.

If you don’t need to indulge yourself, indulge someone else! We all know at least one friend going through a work problems, a breakup, or a stress-filled time in her life. Book her two blissful back-to-back treatments and she’ll come out feeling like a new person.

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