Fug Files: Jimmy Choo Saba

Jimmy, I love you so much. Your shoes are literally the wind beneath my wings: they pick me up when I’m feeling down, keep me going through the hard times, and celebrate my happiest moments with me. It’s been a whirlwind affair so far, but the honeymoon period is over and I just can’t ignore your latest glaring flaw: The Saba Bag.

Animal print is in and all, but why would a grown woman want to wear half a dead zebra over her arm? It’s just too much safari, too big and too slouchy. It’s too loud for daytime and too big for nighttime; perhaps the only feasible place you’d wear this is on safari, while trying to blend in with a herd of zebras or attract large feline predators. Either way, you’re better off leaving this one on the shelf at the department store. Especially with a $3,400 price tag… if you love Choo so much, buy 6 or 7 pairs of beautiful shoes for the same cost and consider it a wise investment. Amen!


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One response to “Fug Files: Jimmy Choo Saba

  1. Mom

    I LOVE your comments, you are such a funny girl! Also, you are so right about this purse – who in the right mind would be caught with this on their arm/shoulder??

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