…And the Nautical Obsession Continues

When I was a little girl I remember my mom wearing beautiful nautical-inspired clothing and jewelry. Summer vacations to Europe were a whirlwind of white linen pants, navy and white striped tops, and gold rope-knot jewelry. I think those fond memories is where my personal obsession with nautical began, and I have to say it’s only grown stronger since then.

But can you blame me when there are adorable bikinis like this one just begging to be blogged about?  I mean, it positively screams “Summer on the Riviera!” (French or Italian, take your pick ;).

Plus, bikinis are just so summery and cute. And they always look so flattering on the models. Am I right? Nevermind the fact that once that cute little bikini is covering your assets it doesn’t always seem to fit the same… but I digress. Don’t let my internal monologue put a damper on such a cute suit. 🙂

Vix Laguna Bikini, $140 at Boutique To You

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One response to “…And the Nautical Obsession Continues

  1. Mom

    Are you embelishing story or do you really remember me wearing nautical things?
    Love, M.

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