Go Retro

Super skimpy bikini bottoms peeve me. And for some reason, it seems that all bikini bottoms – irregardless of brand or size – are all super skimpy. Instead of continually feeling ridiculous for not being able to fit my size 4 frame into an “extra large” string bikini bottom, I’ve opted to go retro.

Retro cuts and modest fits are making a grand return to the style stage, and I’m all for it. I’ve momentarily turned a blind eye to my shopping ban and ordered two retro-cut swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret. The one pictured here is my favorite; the pattern is actually little sailboats (the perfect fix for my nautical obsession!). The bottoms have wider cut sides and actually cover your behind, unlike the brazilian butt-floss that sells for $100 these days.

P.S. Victoria’s Secret is having a fab sale with slashed prices – so the two suits together cost me under $80. đŸ™‚

P.P.S. Use the promo code FRSHP for free shipping and handling.


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