Perfect Patio Dress

Finding a great patio dress is tough – they’re either the wrong fabric, wrong cut or wrong length. I’ve finally found one that is pretty much perfect – the Gypsy Maxi Dress. They must have gifted them out to celebs like crazy, ‘cuz I’ve seen about 20 different celebrities sporting this style.

Although I usually try to avoid celeb-endorsed clothing, I can’t deny that this dress is ideal for summer – it’s the right length, comes in a plethora of colors (yellow, red, purple, blue, white and black), and seems to fit multiple different body types just right. Plus, it’s a heavy weight jersey so it falls and drapes properly for the perfect maxi dress.

While I’m no granola-girl, I do love organic fabrics. This dress is uber eco-friendly, created from organic cotton in a solar-powered factory with natural dyes. Go earth! 😉

Gypsy Organic Maxi Patio Dress, $95 at Boutique to You



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  3. Thanks guy,good info.

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