Fug Files: Monokini Disaster

While my previous post discussed the virtues of the sexy-but-covered-up one piece, here’s the epitome of what a one-piece SHOULDN’T be. I mean…. is it for a stripper? The silver lame-look (forgive me, I can’t figure out how to type the accent over the e in lame) spandex screams “video ho”, and I’m pretty sure the model in the picture is angled to hide a creepy case of camel-toe.

Even if I were to ignore the stripper-esque fabric and cut, I can’t help but hate it for the wacked-out tan line you’re going to get from this doozy. Who wants a mini-ring and lines across her chest and a long stripe up her stomach? Yecchh! This disaster has none of the cuteness of a bikini, and none of the virtues of a decent one-piece. My advice? Run for the hills. Already own it? Burn it, then run for the hills – I hear FUG is highly flammable. *

*If for some reason you actually like this monokini distaster, you can get it at Macys for $144. But I suggest burning your money before buying this – it’ll do you more good than wearing it. šŸ˜‰


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2 responses to “Fug Files: Monokini Disaster

  1. Kelly

    I agree. This is a disaster.

  2. Sarah

    This post was hilarious. You’re so right!

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