Obsessed: Stylish Bridesmaid Shoes

So, last I wrote about my wedding planning I posted a bunch of fab bridesmaid dresses and asked your opinion. Like me, most of you loved Priscilla of Boston’s strapless a-line, knee-length dress in black. My Maid of Honor and I went to a local bridesmaid dress store (thank you Bella Bridesmaid!), tried it on and fell in love.

That was 3 months ago. And honestly, that’s the last bit of wedding planning I’ve done since.

Fast forward to early last week, when someone asked how far away my wedding was. I was about to reply “5 months” and stopped in my tracks when I realized the big day is a mere 4 months away — eeek! So this past week I’ve been going nuts trying to settle all the little details I’ve been neglecting. My favorite find so far this week was my bridesmaid’s shoes, which I am obsessed with.

These are the “Dina” by RSVP, but what they really are is a perfect knock-off of Stuart Weitzman’s Sashay (which I have in deep red patent and LOVE).  I think the shiny black patent will pick up on the shine in the black brocade threading on the girls’ dresses. Plus, the shoe is such a classic shape and color that I hope my amigas will be able to wear them again. What do you guys think?

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  1. I found lots of intresting things here. Thanks!

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