When In Vegas…

As I’ve discussed before, 2008 has been a struggle to overcome my shopping habits. I can admire and gush and rant and rave about fashion as much as my little heart desires, but my plan was to cut back on buying as much as humanly possible.

In recent months, I’ve been so consumed with wedding planning that this hasn’t been too hard. I bravely avoided malls and boutiques for months, preferring instead to focus on duplicating Martha’s tissue paper pom poms for cocktail reception decor. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Especially when they come to an end due to a jaw-dropingly fabulous sale. Allow me to explain…

Two weeks ago I flew to Las Vegas to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. I came equipped with two 500 page novels (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – woot!) to persuade myself to spend the days lounging poolside instead of trolling the stores. My plan worked well until we went to the Planet Hollywood Casino, which you enter through – dun, dun, DUN! – a mall. And that, dear readers, was the scene of my crime. A crime of passion.

Exhibit A. : Herve Leger store with a SALE sign in the window.

Exhibit B.: Rack brimming with gorgeous bandage dresses 75% off, in a rainbow of colors, all in my size.

Exhibit C.: Picture of me grinning madly with my Herve Leger bag in hand at the boutique.

Final Exhibit: Not one, but TWO body-hugging, insanely flattering dresses.

Though I should feel guilty about this major shopping indiscretion, I can honestly say I don’t regret it a bit. I might have to freelance my booty off for the next two months to pay down that Credit Card, but I’ll be damned if those dresses aren’t worth every last dime I paid for them. 🙂

P.S. Both dresses are in the style Amanda Bynes is wearing in the picture. One is the exact same color combo and the other is mainly black with white accents (it’s white where the dress in the pic is black). Loverly.


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