Wedding Highlights

In an effort not to bore readers with details of my personal life, I have refrained from blogging too much on the wedding. However, it seems that all my family and friends are unsatisfied with my decision – hmmph! So, I’ll do a quick recap with some of the highlights, and my favorite parts of the wedding. I’ll try to keep an emphasis on style, since this is, after all, a style blog. If you love it, let me know and I’ll do more. If you hate it, please bear with me.

Here’s a picture collage with some of my favorite details and shots (by the amazingly talented Aaron Willcox of Willcox Photography) from the ceremony:


From left to right, top to bottom:

1. The gorgeous hairpiece I’ve blogged about before (from Shelly Sheek Boutique)… I am still just as in love.

2. Photo charms with my grandparents’ pictures on my bouquet so they could be with me in spirit.

3. The boys’ boutonnieres, which turned out great and really popped against the black tuxes.

4. Our ceremony site florals turned out beautifully – the 19th century Victorian woman in me was giddy with the romance & whimsy of it all.

5. I just love this photo that Aaron snapped – do I need more of a reason to put it in here? Well, okay, maybe I do have one more reason: it showcases the fruits of my months-long search to discover the name of those white flowers so I could get them into my bouquet. FYI: They are called football mums, and they are my new favorite fall flower.

6. The architectural bow detail on my Amsale wedding dress. I had multiple people come up to me that night and tell me I need to find a way to wear this dress on a regular basis. I have to agree… any suggestions? šŸ™‚

7. Our flower girl’s dress that was the perfect shade of eggshell to match mine. Also, note that she is carrying both the pomander and ring holder since the ring bearer was being adorably difficult.

8. All of my bridesmaids from highschool, looking beautiful in the Priscilla of Boston bridesmaid dresses.Ā  In this shot they were running over to take pics while simultaneously busting a move; precisely why I love them.

Next Up…. Reception Highlights. šŸ™‚


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2 responses to “Wedding Highlights

  1. Wow, thanks for the props girl! It’s always fun to see the shots people love the most, fun to know they illustrate… well… YOU! Cheers,

  2. HI Yelena!
    Wow- Aaron Captured the day so beautifully! You are a gorgeous bride and look so elegant in that AMAZING Dress!
    It was a pleasure working for you and your family!

    Take care,
    Emily Smiley
    Wedding Coordinator

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