Stylish 2009 Calendars


I know, I know. Totally boring topic, right? But when I saw these two super stylish calendar options, I couldn’t help myself. I love them so much I even bought them, so they definitely have my official consumer stamp of approval. So darn adorable, they are perfect for decorating your wall or giving as a gift.

1. Handmade Dandelion Wall Calendar with Hanger – $30.

This masterpiece is adorned with Betsy Dunlap calligraphy and is screenprinted by Shana. I’ve been obsessed with Betsy Dunlap’s supa-coo writing skillz (with a z, ‘cuz she’s seriously the shiz) since my early wedding-planning days. I even contacted her for calligraphying my invites and placecards, but alas, she was too pricey for me. Now I can ogle her work every day for the next year for a mere $30, buahahaha….

Buy it at Hello Handmade Paperie’s Etsy store.

2. Parrot Design Studio’s Gocco Screenprinted Calendar – $20.

Pretty motifs for each month are gocco’d onto 12 pieces of cardstock, one for each month. I envision these framed in threes or fours, either horizontal or stacked two by two on an office wall. When the next month comes, switch out the oldest month with the next upcoming month and you have interchangeable wall art all year long. They’re simple enough to go with any decor scheme but pretty enough to chic up your wall.

Snap these up at Sarah Parrot’s Etsy store.

In summary, calendars can be cool. Plus, they really do make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for family and friends. Everyone needs one, and these two picks are so above and beyond 99.99% of the other fug calendars out there that the person you gift these to will l-o-v-e you for it. As with all purchases bought by a shopaholic, be cautious: these are so cute, you might end up keeping them for yourself.


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