Rules for Better Living

cioppino-pic-2Now that all of my suppressed anger has been released, I can focus on better, happier things once again. 🙂 Last week the hubby and I decided we were being pathetically sloth-like and boring, so we came up with a list of “Rules for Better Living” (which explains the pic of the discarded shells to the left) to jump start our lives.

The rules are as follows:

1. No computer after 6 pm (by far the hardest rule for me!)

2. No TV until 8 pm

3. Must get out of the house for at least two hours each and every day

4. Try one new recipe every week

5. Walk the dogs every day

6. Go for a run at least 3 times per week, plus one long weekend run

7. Explore different hobbies: photography, golf, horseback riding, art, etc.

8. Do one new, fun thing each week; go to the museum, try a new place for dessert, appetizers or drinks, explore LA

9. See at least one set of friends each week

10. Clean the apartment lightly every Weds, attack with a deep clean once a month

We are faring pretty well so far – the running part is the only rule that hasn’t been fulfilled. Yesterday we tried a new recipe for Cioppino, which turned out beautifully and was super soothing on a cool winter night.  Evidence of all that remains is in the picture above; we gobbled up the leftovers today for lunch along with some garlic bread. Below is a link to the delicious recipe, courtesy of the domestic goddess herself, Martha:

Quick Cioppino



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2 responses to “Rules for Better Living

  1. bron

    love the rules. one question — is it a typo or are you really taking up “gold” as a hobby? 🙂

    • shopaholica

      Haha, oops…. that was definitely supposed to say “golf” and it was definitely one of the hubby’s hobbies. So no, I am not a gold digger 😉

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