Fab, Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards


If your inner scrooge ever had a golden opportunity to come out and play, the time is now. The brightest silver lining of this economic downturn is that no one will judge your cheapness.   Instead of going to the card boutique and picking up a few unique cards at $5.99 per pop (and then mailing them for what will soon cost 44 cents per envelope), send an adorable, free Valentine’s Day E-card.

Kate Spade’s website has the coolest selection of Vday ecards that will make your inner miser jump for joy. My favorites are the Boston Terrier card (see above), the penguin, and the Big Love card. See the whole selection and send your own artsy fartsy Vday card here.

If you’re feeling particularly old school, Chicago stationer Sarah Drake is offering a free template for a cute Valentine’s Day card you can print out at home. Print it on a red piece of cardstock, pen a sweet love note, and your honey will never know that you A.) forgot to buy a card at the store, B.) are too lazy to head to the store when you realized you forgot to buy a card or C.) bought cookies with your Vday card budget (don’t judge me, I needed a sugar boost).

vday-some-ecardFor the broke and snarky, no site is more exciting than Some Ecards. The cards are absolutely free and gapingly hysterical (IMHO, at least), and there is one for every occasion. They even have ecards for topical events, which makes even the most serious news pretty damn funny.  You’ll either love Some Ecards or hate it, so here’s a Valentine’s Day e-card  sample to help you decide whether it’s worth the click: “Join me for a girl’s night this Valentine’s Day to celebrate our independence before we drunk text our exes and quietly sob ourselves to sleep.”  Another great one is, “Thinking of Facebook-stalking you this Valentine’s Day.” Love it.

Whether you are broke, love ecards, or just cheap, I hope the above has helped you locate the perfect free Ecard to send. Happy Friday, and Happy Valentine’s  Weekend!

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