Confessions of a Shopaholica

linea-paolo-pink-patent-peep-toeAs with last year, 2009 is shaping up to be another big year of saving for the Mr. and me. While this is a good exercise for our savings account, it’s excruciatingly hard on my inner shopaholic. Beautiful things are everywhere, and on SALE everywhere! From gorgeous chocolate silk drapes (which we actually caved and bought) to the most amazing pair of Prada pumps (that I managed to tear myself away from), there is an abundance of loveliness for 75% off original price.

When I saw Confessions of a Shopaholica last week, I completely understood Rebecca’s explanation of why she shops – the words could have been coming out of my own mouth. These beautiful things make my world more beautiful for a while – I get a thrill holding them in my hand, or putting them on for the first time. It’s an instant mood boost that feels absolutely wonderful…. until you get the credit card bill.

But for those unaffected by the economy (or saving for a downpayment), aren’t these just the most delicious confection of pretty pumps for Spring? They would look adorable paired with knee-length dresses, high waist pencil skirts with blousy tops, or a pair of dark blue pencil jeans. Plus, they are deeply discounted, and are a steal at only $50 at Nordy’s. Happy Shopping!


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