To Blow, or Not To Blow?

guess-drifter-suede-pumpMy birthday money, that is. Allow me to explain:

My mourning period over the demise of Domino ended yesterday when I receive not one, but two new issues of Lucky in the mail. The March & April issues were flooded with fabulously chic finds with budget friendly price tags.  After spending hours poring over the first issue, I’m currently thisclose to pre-spending my birthday money on two adorable pairs of black heels to replenish my wardrobe from last week’s clean out.

Among the three bags of Goodwill items procured from my closet were two pairs of old black heels; one that I loved & wore everywhere that was completely rundown, and another that I never really liked that much to begin with.  I’m thinking I can replace them with the pair of ladylike black pumps and a sexy pair of snake-print leather t-straps. The pumps strike the perfect balance between round and pointy toe for a timelessly classic shape that can be worn with anything. The t-strap stilettos, on the other hand, would spice up a summer dress or pair of skinny jeans just perfectly. Two totally different styles that can be worn with almost everything else in my wardrobe, but is it worth spending all my hard-earned (a year’s worth of aging is hard work, y’all) money on them?

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