But let’s not totally knock Urban…

urban-deaux-lux-zipper-satchelurban-denim-dress1Clearly I have a vendetta against poorly fitting polyester dresses. But I should cut Urban Outfitters a little slack – I mean, they did pick out that horrific fug file-worthy dress last season. However, their Spring 09 line is cute, well-edited and priced incredibly well. A+ on sidestepping the potential economic disaster with overpriced clothing – really.

Though I loathe pleather, I saw this cute satchel in the Urban Outfitters Spring catalogue and fell in love – with the price tag. At only $68, their Deux Lux Zipper Seam Satchel is a bonafide stylish steal. I’m lusting after the mint colored version called Green Tea – coincidentally also my favorite beverage. It must be fate.

Also, unlike the unspeakably ill-fitting Charlotte Ronson dress, they have  a super sexy denim minidress that hugs all the right curves – I’ve posted the blue denim version so you can see the lines, but I want to pick it up in the black color. Cute, casual, and sexy at the same time – what more could a girl want? Oh yes, a reasonable price tag, which it also satisfies at under $70. Love and love. Pair it with a chunky statement necklace and gladiator heels for a fun night out; colorful jacket with cuffed sleeves and a cute pair of flats for day. Finally, Urban Outfitters has gotten it right.

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