A Tale of Two Cookies {or maybe 3… or 4…}

image by Laura Ferroni

cookie porn by Laura Ferroni

A year and a half ago I came up with the idea that I was going to perfect my own famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. Sidenote – If you don’t know me personally, you might not be familiar with my {borderline frightening} obsession with chocolate chip cookies. Well, you know the Cookie Monster? Yeah, it’s kinda like that, minus the blue fur. – end sidenote.

Armed with a few bags of Ghiradelli chocolate chips, the finest organic flour and brown sugar Whole Foods can offer along with a whole slew of other ingredients, I began my quest. Every Sunday I made a point of tweaking a recipe I’d found to create and perfect my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. This left me with 24 golden, delicious cookies every week that were wonderful – but not yet perfect. Though I hadn’t hit the recipe jackpot, I couldn’t possibly throw my little goodies away. They were, after all, part of my brainchild, a journal page ripped from my recipe’s path to success.

I thought that taking them to the office would be a swell idea, until the reality of working with only 3, insanely fit and/or dieting women became clear – these women, with the mental willpower of Superman, would only eat one cookie each – and I was left with another 21 cookies for my own illicit weekly consumption.

As the weeks rolled by, my recipe got admittedly better. I had nailed the flavor, but was painstakingly attempting to perfect the texture – crispy on the edges, gooey on the inside {‘cuz that’s how I roll} – when I took time out from baking to step on the scale.  The number I saw between my feet, though I should have seen it coming, was seriously disturbing.

I had gained seven pounds in six weeks. Seven. In six weeks. Oh, s**t. And that, my friends, was the day my perfect cookie quest came to a screeching halt. Had I succeeded, perhaps I would have lived out my dreams of granduer by opening a quaint little cookie shop selling nothing but the most delicious chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tried. What would I call it, you ask? Why, milk + cookie, of course (all lowercase, written in a typewriter-esque font and joined by a plus sign in an effort to jump on that minimalist style bakery bandwagon).

Each cookie would have come with a cup of milk from a local, organic dairy farm, and 10% of all proceeds were to go to an animal rescue charity. But instead of dedicating my life (and waistline) to this noble cause, I held onto my vanity, put away the bags of sugar and admitted defeat. Perhaps some day I’ll pick up where I left off on my recipe to perfection, but for now I’ll pull on my skinny jeans with a smile. I suppose, in this case, my love for fashion trumped my love for food.

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