Cheap & Chic: Forever21 Love

forever21-head-scarf1f21-colorful-scarvesWhenever I’m feeling broke but need to indulge my inner shopaholic, I head to Forever21. It’s the perfect place to pick up cheap & cheerful accessories that turn an outfit from blah to bang.

In particular, I’ve been loving their extensive collection of Spring & Summer scarves. The scarves come in all colors and patterns, and do wonders for freshening up the basics you already have.

I usually wear my scarves loosely wrapped around my neck, but I also love how they look wrapped around the head as a makeshift headband. The brave can try wearing it like the model in the picture, but let me preface this by saying that you reallllyyy have to possess the confidence and attitude to pull this off.

My favorite cheap find for this week is the brand’s colorful linen scarf. It comes in turquoise, canary yellow, bright pink, white, black and taupe, and only costs $5.50.  Yes, I typed that correctly – $5.50.  Seriously, if you are in need of a vibrant summer wardrobe jumpstart, click your little self on over & pick one up in every color – or at least the turquoise, yellow and pink. 🙂 Even if you pick up all three, you’d still have enough left over from that $20 to buy yourself an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie.  Now that’s what I call value.

P.S. While you’re picking up your $5.50 scarves, you can also enter F21’s contest to win a trip to Greece. You and your colorful scarves will fit riiiiiight in against the vibrant backdrop of the mediterranean.


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