Vamp It Up This Summer

jantzen-black-one-pieceIf the retro swimwear trend was building up a slow, steady steam for the past two years, it is officially rolling full steam ahead for 2009.  I, for one, am all for the trend. I mean, who doesn’t feel more comfortable at the beach with a little more of your goodies covered up? I’m no Puritan, but the way swimsuits were trending there for a couple of years had me concerned that they were going to disappear altogether – Brazilian models, Brazilian swimsuit bottoms and Brazilian waxes were taking over the world in ’06. It was a frightening time for anyone who didn’t do 100 squats a day and subsist on water, let me tell ya…

Jantzen has been designing the most simple, sexy retro one piece swimsuit for the last two years called the Vamp, and I am very much in love. Whether you prefer the sexy scarlet red or the more demure, sophisticated black color, I think we can all agree that this suit is definitely a keeper for 2009 and beyond.  Last year Macy’s sold this suit, and thankfully they’ve stocked it again this year for $100 – hurry and get yours before they get snapped up by other retro-loving ladies.

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