Lust-Inducing Undies

myla-pink-and-black-underwear1While perusing my old, unattainably priced haunt Net-a-Porter, I happened across the prettiest pair of undies. Delicate and delicious in the classic boudoir color combo { sweet, girly pink paired with racy, suggestive black }, they were ruffled perfection. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this adorable pair of undies came from a company I had never heard of – Myla.

Perhaps it’s my self-imposed high-end retail hiatus, or maybe the company is relatively new on the radar. Either way, I checked out their other Net-a-Porter offerings and fell in love with just about every piece of lingerie they have in the collection (although I admit I balked at the uber high-crotch thong… a little 80’s for my taste).

Since I cannot currently afford $120 underwear (apparently there’s this thing called a downpayment that is rudely cramping my style), this lovely lingerie will only inspire shopping lust in me, not for the hubby.  But if you are in the market for a ridiculously sexy splurge (honeymoon on the horizon, perhaps?), definitely check out Myla’s well-designed line.

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