Vampy Summer Sandals

Report footwear - natural lucieThese shoes are the antithesis to my usual style, but something about them drew me in nonetheless.  After studying them for a moment or two, I found myself falling hard for their peep-toe perfection. I love the juxtaposition of the natural braided upper with the vampy style and sexy cut.

How perfect would these heels be for dressing up a cute little summer dress, or paired with dressy shorts and a flowing top?  Plus, the nude color means that they’d go with just about everything you own.  Okay, now  I need to stop coming up with reasons why I heart these so much, lest I break down and add them to my shopping cart.  Needless to say, I’m in love and I wish they were mine. If you can fork over $195 for them, promise me you’ll love them like I’ll never be able to.

Natural Lucie, by Report Footwear – $195 at 80s Purple



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2 responses to “Vampy Summer Sandals

  1. teja

    are those your feet and toes in those shoes?

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