Pretty Baubles I’d Like To Buy…

Silver Mesh EarringsIs is possible for a lack of money to be burning a hole in your pocket? If so, my pockets are scorched. My wardrobe feels fairly complete, but my jewelry box does not. I had many fabulous pieces of costume jewelry that I’ve collected over the years, which suited me just fine. Then, early last year without any warning, I became horribly allergic to all my beloved costume earrings. I was seriously devastated, since I prefer to spend money on clothing instead of jewelry, and buying cheap but cute earrings was my shopping M.O..  Amethyst Gold Drop Earrings

Fast forward to today, when I still have to get over the reluctance to plunk down more than $10 for a pair of trendy earrings – I’ve fallen in love with these two pretty yet simple pairs of earrings on Etsy. The first (Exhibit A) is handmade netted silver with a vintage crystal chandelier (!) in the middle, crafted by seller Precious Meshes. The second (Exhibit B), is a delicate solid gold and amethyst pair of earrings by Tahirih. Readers, what do you think: is the juice worth the squeeze (on my wallet)?

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