Stunning Summer Sandals

Mystique Sandals for maxi dresses

For those of you who are wondering what to wear underneath your lovely maxi dresses, the best shoe to pair them with is a summer sandal. Though I adore flats, I just don’t think they look right with a patio dress – unless they are super strappy and open toed, at least. The best summer sandals to wear with a long summer dress are the Bernardo or Mystique flip flops, gladiators and ankle-wrap sandals.  Sandalworld has a fantastic selection of the prettiest summer sandals, including the below. Their sandals retail between $50 – $150, so while they are not cheap, many of the sandals are made from real leather and semi-precious stones and should last years.



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3 responses to “Stunning Summer Sandals

  1. alyssa

    Hi, i was just wondering what brand the shoes in the bottom right hand corner are and how much they are!!! thanks

    • shopaholica

      Hi Alyssa,

      The one in the bottom right corner are by Mystique – they range from around $80 – $200, and are gorgeous in person too!

      XO Yelena

  2. Selina Franke

    Omg where do you find the top left ones?! I love them!! And how much do they run?

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