If I Had a British Wedding To Attend…

…I would most certainly wear a fabulous feather hair piece.  Mike thinks I’m crazy for wanting to put large feathered (or silk flowered) objects in my hair, and sadly I can’t seem to impress upon him how fabulous it looks.  Feathered flowers and other millinery is just so unnecessarily frivolous, which is what makes it such a fantastic fashion statement. They serve no other purpose than to make a statement – fashion at its finest, if you ask me.

Etsy Portobello - feathered hair pieces

And though there are many well known Etsy designers who create lovely feathered hair pieces, one I am particularly obsessed with is seller Portobello.  My favorite design is the thin headband with a dramatic feather pad on them that lays flat against the head. Some are further embellished with a vintage button or beading for a sophisticated evening look, like this black one above, though I also love the simpler brown striped feather version.

What do you think of the feathered hair piece trend? Love it or hate it?


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One response to “If I Had a British Wedding To Attend…

  1. stylemebeautiful

    I love these new head pieces

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