Need… Vacation… Now…

Working around the clock has been starting to get to me. When I’m absurdly busy and stressed to the nines, unfortunately one of my favorite projects, this blog, is the thing that inevitably ends up suffering. I blogged a while back about finding my new path, and it has been the most amazing ride so far. I am starting to book new clients, which is a thrill in itself – I feel so privileged to work with these amazing women to help them create their perfect day. I’ve also already met so many fantastic vendors who I’m brimming with excitement to work with.

However, I’m currently doing a balancing act with my new venture and with writing (until the planning gets off the ground fully), so I feel like I’m working double shifts… and I desperately need a vacation. So when I saw these gorgeous Cruise ’09 ads for Michael Kors I was basically salivating for a getaway. I think the only thing getting me through the work days is a Vegas trip planned for the end of this month (sadly only 2 days), and the much-anticipated trip to Maui (5 days, woot!)  in September.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with these fabulous Mario Testino shots of the Michael Kors Cruise ’09 ad campaign. If you stare at the images long and enough and close your eyes, you can almost see yourself in the location, basking in the sun and wearing fabulously chic cruise wear. Or is that just me? 🙂
michael kors ad

michael kors ad 1

michael kors ad 2


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  1. bts

    Where are those pictures of mike taken?

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