Style Crush: Emma Watson

Emma Watson styleSo, being the absolute nerd that I am, I’m very excited for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere this week.  Not only do I love Harry’s character, but Hermoine is one of my favorite characters in a series – she’s smart, sassy and brave; the perfect strong female character. Emma Watson depicts Hermoine to a tee, although I think I’d admire her as an actress even without the Harry Potter fame.

She has a certain class and sophistication about her, and doesn’t run around committing drunken debauchery like other young starlets.  Something about her poise reminds me a little of Julia Roberts, although I can’t put my finger on why. And besides, I have a complete crush on her style – she consistently pulls off the perfect ‘classic with a twist’ look that I love.  While I’m sure it helps to have Chanel on your side, not everyone can look so chic in their designs. It’s too bad that Hermoine was never much into fashion… Emma can pull it off so well!

What do you think about Emma Watson’s style? Love it or leave it?


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