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You Got That Where?!

Lacquer Tear Shaped BraceletFloral Hinge Braceletgold and coral bracelet

Take a good, long look at these stylish baubles. Lovely, right? If I didn’t know where they came from I probably would have guessed they were sold at J. Crew or Anthropologie and cost somewhere between $40 – $100. I’ve lusted after so many J. Crew and Anthro jewelry pieces that I’ve lost count, yet every one I’ve refrained from buying because they usually cost a pretty penny. If you, like me, are in love with their feminine, irresistible jewelry pieces, you are in luck. Because all of the pretty pieces above are from good old Forever 21.

Ranging in price from $3.80 to $15, these lovelies are so affordable you can snap up three or four and still come in under budget. Speaking of which, I may or may not have made a detour to the Beverly Center this weekend and snagged a few new $4 rings myself. 🙂 Happy Bargain Shopping!

Tear Looped Jewel Bracelet, $14.80

Floral Hinge Bracelet, $8.80

Anisa Studded Bracelet, $7.80


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Patio Dresses for Summer

inc-cobalt-blue-patio-dressAs with last summer, long is the preferred length for spring and summer dresses. What I love most about maxi dresses is that they can take a girl from a casual day of shopping and lunch to dinner and drinks with a quick change of accessories. During the day pair your patio dress with flip flops, a scarf, oversized sunglasses and a handbag. For going out, add a bold chunky necklace and a sleek croc clutch, and slip on a pair of pretty peep toe flats in lieu of your flip flops – voila! Ready for a night on the town.

If you haven’t found that perfect patio dress to wear all summer long, here are some of my favorite budget friendly options around the web:

  • Frenzii V-neck Empire Waistline Maxi Dress, $108 at Lord & Taylor
  • INC Cobalt Blue Patio Dress with Studded Neckline, $89 at Macy’s
  • Gypsy 05 Maxi Organic Long Dress, $99 at Singer22 (got this last year and love it)
  • Alloy Crochet Maxi Dress, $39.50 at Alloy (biggest bargain in the group!)

Happy Friday!


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Cheap & Chic: Forever21 Love

forever21-head-scarf1f21-colorful-scarvesWhenever I’m feeling broke but need to indulge my inner shopaholic, I head to Forever21. It’s the perfect place to pick up cheap & cheerful accessories that turn an outfit from blah to bang.

In particular, I’ve been loving their extensive collection of Spring & Summer scarves. The scarves come in all colors and patterns, and do wonders for freshening up the basics you already have.

I usually wear my scarves loosely wrapped around my neck, but I also love how they look wrapped around the head as a makeshift headband. The brave can try wearing it like the model in the picture, but let me preface this by saying that you reallllyyy have to possess the confidence and attitude to pull this off.

My favorite cheap find for this week is the brand’s colorful linen scarf. It comes in turquoise, canary yellow, bright pink, white, black and taupe, and only costs $5.50.  Yes, I typed that correctly – $5.50.  Seriously, if you are in need of a vibrant summer wardrobe jumpstart, click your little self on over & pick one up in every color – or at least the turquoise, yellow and pink. 🙂 Even if you pick up all three, you’d still have enough left over from that $20 to buy yourself an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie.  Now that’s what I call value.

P.S. While you’re picking up your $5.50 scarves, you can also enter F21’s contest to win a trip to Greece. You and your colorful scarves will fit riiiiiight in against the vibrant backdrop of the mediterranean.

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Splurge v. Steal: The Yellow Bikini

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days…. between wedding planning, house hunting and a rockslide of work I hardly had time to breathe, let alone post :). I was looking at swimwear on Shop Bop and found Rachel Pally’s adorable little yellow string bikini, which is just perfect for summer.

It has a pop of color, a halter, bandeau style top and a cute little string bottom. I might not be baring my behind that much this summer, but if you’ve got a perky little booty, you should definitely go for it!

I love Rachel Pally, but Victoria’s Secret literally sells the same suit for a SMALL fraction of the price ($172 for Pally’s version and a mere $29 for the VS version). I already have the VS suit in a different color and it fits really well, except for the fact that the top is not fully lined. If you want to save big and go for the VS version, buy some cup inserts and fabric glue them into the top, or remove the liners from an old bikini, cut them to fit the new top and fabric glue them in. Just make sure you use waterproof fabric glue! 🙂

P.S. Don’t you just love how in the pics above, the Rachel Pally model looks all sad that her suit is so expensive, and the VS model looks triumphant because hers is such a good deal? 😉

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Vexing Vintage

The Way We Wore is a great vintage clothing store on La Brea. Unfortunately, a lot of their stuff is pretty pricey and can’t be had by frugal fashionistas.

BUT – Vintage lovers on a budget can now rejoice, because The Way We Wore just opened up a Popup Store on Melrose. Prices are slashed on all their fab vintage pieces and you can get dresses for as low as $40! So take your tax returns and return home with some classic pieces at deep discounts:

Way We Wore Popup Store: 7264 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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Spa Week is Here!

Gotta Love Spa WeekFor beautyaholics, Spa Week is like a week-long glee fest that rivals Christmas or Hannukah. If you’re a spa week virgin, let me explain: Once a year, in cities across the country, spas reduce their prices on featured beauty treatments (facials, pedicures, laser hair removal etc) to a mere $50 per treatment.

This year Spa Week lasts from April 14th – April 20th, and I’ve already booked 3 treatments (the normal value of which is over $600). Visit Spa Week’s official website, choose your city and scroll through a list of featured spas and treatments.

If you don’t need to indulge yourself, indulge someone else! We all know at least one friend going through a work problems, a breakup, or a stress-filled time in her life. Book her two blissful back-to-back treatments and she’ll come out feeling like a new person.

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Loves It – Pop Brights

Pop Brights MontageSpring’s color palette is all about shocking brights – orange, hot pink, cobalt blue and fuschia. Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Zac Posen and Dolce & Gabbana are just a few of the top designers who splashed the runways with vibrant hues for spring and summer. So don’t be a shrinking violet – if there was ever a time to experiment with color, do it now! Above are some of my favorite savvy shopper (read: cheap!) picks for full-on color.

1. Fuschia chiffon ruffled top – Forever21, $22

2. Cobalt gathered open back jersey dress – Forever21, $19

3. Pink Patent Skinny Belt – Target, $9

4. Yellow Tonal Polka Dot Bikini – Victoria’s Secret, Top – $14, Bottom – $15

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