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Fabulous Statement Ring

So, I’ve been fighting the whole antler craze for a while because the idea of dead dear heads mounted on a wall quite frankly gives me the creeps. However, when I saw this adorable ring my creepy theory was turned on its head and I fell in love. It’s just such an awesome statement ring – and I do love me some statement rings – that I couldn’t resist. What are your thoughts on the mounted-head craze? Love it, hate it, can’t decide?

XO Shopaholica

Ring, $230 from Digby & Iona, spotted via the cherry blossom girl



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Best Cupcake Idea, Ever.

meri-meri-pirate-party-cupcake-decorating-kit While popping in and out of adorable little boutiques and bakeries in Napa and San Francisco (read about it at Stylish Soiree), I stumbled upon a bakery selling the most fabulous cupcake idea I’ve ever seen.  I know I already blogged about the stylish, modern couture cupcake wrappers from Cupcake Wrapture, but this idea really takes the theme of couture cupcakes to a whole other level. meri-meri-baby-shower-cupcake-decoratin-kit

Stationary company Meri Meri is selling the cutest line of pre-packaged, coordinating cupcake decoration kits.  The stylish little cupcake kits include the cutest cupcake wrappers and matching cupcake toppers that revolve around a particular theme.  Here are my favorites:

– An Easter Fun Cupcake Decorating Kit (with pale yellow and blue cupcake wrappers and smartly-dressed paper bunny toppers)

– A Baby Shower Cupcake Decorating Kit (can you say baby animals? seriously, so cute I want to squish it.)

meri-meri-twinkle-toes-ballerina-cupcake-kits– A Pirate Party Cupcake Decorating Kit (three years ago I spent 2 hours handcrafting a pirate scene on a cupcake tree for Mike’s birthday, and would have killed for this modern, stylish pirate kit)

Princess Party Cupcake Decorating Kit (just perfect for a little girl’s bday)

Twinkle Toes Cupcake Decorating Kit (no joke, the pretty paper ballerina cupcake toppers have real tulle ballerina skirts. It takes me back to the days of ballet class and my obsession with Angelina Ballerina 🙂 )

If you can’t already tell from my gushing, I’m rather obsessed with these kits. The best part about them is that you can buy them online for only $11.95 for a kit that decorates 24 cupcakes. Such a stylish steal, I’m seriously contemplating buying one (or four) of each kit.

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Calling All Bathing Beauties

claus-porto-soap-3claus-porto-closeup The worse the economy gets, the more catalogues and advertisements I seem to receive – both in my mailbox and email inbox. For the most part, I get annoyed with the excessive waste of my time. This past week, however, a pretty little gem of a catalogue I’d never heard of before appeared in my mailbox, addressed to my name.  I nearly tossed it in frustration, but quickly flipped through and caught a glimpse of some drool-worthy home and bath products that I knew I had to share.

I’m not even sure how big the company is, but the catalogue (and website) is called Cambria Cove. They sell a tempting assortment of embossed, leather bound journals, fine soaps, gourmet food and stationary. One of my favorite items in their catalogue were these beautifully wrapped Claus Porto soap sets. Apparently Claus Porto is a 122 year old Portuguese soap company that makes 100% natural soaps with French fragrances. These would make a delightfuly unique bridal shower or housewarming gift, as well as an anytime gift for those who love bath soaps and other sweet smelling, beautiful goodies. Although, if I received these, I have to admit I could never bring myself to mar their loveliness with use. 🙂

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Stylish 2009 Calendars


I know, I know. Totally boring topic, right? But when I saw these two super stylish calendar options, I couldn’t help myself. I love them so much I even bought them, so they definitely have my official consumer stamp of approval. So darn adorable, they are perfect for decorating your wall or giving as a gift.

1. Handmade Dandelion Wall Calendar with Hanger – $30.

This masterpiece is adorned with Betsy Dunlap calligraphy and is screenprinted by Shana. I’ve been obsessed with Betsy Dunlap’s supa-coo writing skillz (with a z, ‘cuz she’s seriously the shiz) since my early wedding-planning days. I even contacted her for calligraphying my invites and placecards, but alas, she was too pricey for me. Now I can ogle her work every day for the next year for a mere $30, buahahaha….

Buy it at Hello Handmade Paperie’s Etsy store.

2. Parrot Design Studio’s Gocco Screenprinted Calendar – $20.

Pretty motifs for each month are gocco’d onto 12 pieces of cardstock, one for each month. I envision these framed in threes or fours, either horizontal or stacked two by two on an office wall. When the next month comes, switch out the oldest month with the next upcoming month and you have interchangeable wall art all year long. They’re simple enough to go with any decor scheme but pretty enough to chic up your wall.

Snap these up at Sarah Parrot’s Etsy store.

In summary, calendars can be cool. Plus, they really do make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for family and friends. Everyone needs one, and these two picks are so above and beyond 99.99% of the other fug calendars out there that the person you gift these to will l-o-v-e you for it. As with all purchases bought by a shopaholic, be cautious: these are so cute, you might end up keeping them for yourself.

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Under my Umbrella, ella, ella….

The skies in LA have been awfully gray the past few days. It’s made me feel a bit morose and glum – my work load lightened up finally so I was expecting to catch some rays. To inject some fun and color into the dreary skies, here’s a lineup of the cutest umbrellas I could find.

1. The cupid-covered version from Jean Paul Gaultier is a modern work of art.

2. Bella Umbrella’s pretty pink parasol looks like it popped out of a scene on Gossip Girl (carried by chic glamourpuss B, of course).

3. If pure frivolity and extreme girlishness is your thang, the ruffled Guy de Jean parasol is the perfect pick.

All (and more beautiful umbrellas) at Brollies Galore.

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Loves It: Oldie but Goodie

Many of you might have already seen this gorgeous bee pendant by Anna Ruth Henriques. Featured in Barney’s “Go Green” winter gifts catalogue, I fell in love with this stunner at first glance.

This necklace is absolute perfection for girls obsessed with unique items. Each pendant is a hand-painted drawing on a mother-of-pearl background. The drawing is covered by a crystal quartz face and comes on an 18k gold 17″ chain. Sigh.

P.S. If you happen to have $4,500 to spend on this awe-inspiring piece, I will harbor uncontrollably jealous sentiments about you. Just kidding… they won’t be uncontrollable. 😉

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For Stylish Moms & Moms-to-be

Whenever a baby shower rolls around I’m left scratching my head in confusion – and frustration. With the plethora of baby brands and boutiques out there you’d think it would be easier to find great gifts.

That said, I stumbled across an adorable online baby boutique called Estella NYC. They have eco-friendly and organic baby clothing, stylish European lines and unique pretty things that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Two of my favorites (which will definitely be gifted in the near future) is the P-Sling (horrible name, stylish sling) and the Boston Terrier onesie and matching pillow (an homage to Shopaholica’s sidekick). I love the pillow so much I might just buy it to use as a throw pillow in my blue and brown bedroom. 🙂

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