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Fabulous Statement Ring

So, I’ve been fighting the whole antler craze for a while because the idea of dead dear heads mounted on a wall quite frankly gives me the creeps. However, when I saw this adorable ring my creepy theory was turned on its head and I fell in love. It’s just such an awesome statement ring – and I do love me some statement rings – that I couldn’t resist. What are your thoughts on the mounted-head craze? Love it, hate it, can’t decide?

XO Shopaholica

Ring, $230 from Digby & Iona, spotted via the cherry blossom girl



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More 20-something musings.

Rainy day and umbrella girl

It’s just been one of those days. The kind where you wake up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed, nothing goes right, and no matter how much work you get through, the to-do list keeps growing.  In spite of my commitment to remaining positive in the face of adversity, today simply has me beat. The dogs stole my favorite cozy house socks and chewed them up, not once but three times. My lovely new car ended up in the shop less than a week after we bought it, and the hubby’s car, apparently a magnet for nails and other sharp objects, got a flat tire immediately following a client meeting. Stranded in front of a florist’s shop in Hollywood, I waited half an hour for the (very rude) AAA guy to arrive and change my tire. He felt that speaking on the cell phone with his paramour the entire time he was changing my tire was an appropriate thing to do. Let me assure you, it was not.

The hubby, my go-to source for peace and happiness, is traveling on business and can’t help too much from thousands of miles away. When I called dear old mom for a pick me up, all I got was more bad news dumped on my head. And by ‘more bad news’ I mean guilt, insults, and a lot of really, really bad news. Yes, it was just one of those days.

In my opinion, being in your mid-twenties is just as confusing as being a teenager. Not only do you go through the same soul-searching about who you really are and what you want to do with your life, but you also have the added responsibility of car payments, student loans, rent, grocery bills, parental issues, and friends with expensive tastes… who like to eat out… a lot. I wish I could just throw caution to the wind and leap blindly into life, hoping that the soft clouds of ambition, hard work and good luck will catch my fall. But I simply can’t, knowing that one paycheck can’t sustain our lifestyle, and knowing that my parents, who I’ve always turned to for assistance, suddenly find themselves in a worse position than I am.

Blech – the growing pains of the Quarterlife Crisis. With issues like these, I’m looking forward to my 30s like a kid dreaming of Santa. (And if you have some age advice like, “you’ll only have a whole new host of issues in your 30s”… now’s not the time to share. Don’t burst my splendid vision of the future, not just yet ;). For now, all I can really do is count my blessings, have faith and keep on trekking.  If you’ve already suffered through a quarterlife crisis, how did you finally get through it?

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Need… Vacation… Now…

Working around the clock has been starting to get to me. When I’m absurdly busy and stressed to the nines, unfortunately one of my favorite projects, this blog, is the thing that inevitably ends up suffering. I blogged a while back about finding my new path, and it has been the most amazing ride so far. I am starting to book new clients, which is a thrill in itself – I feel so privileged to work with these amazing women to help them create their perfect day. I’ve also already met so many fantastic vendors who I’m brimming with excitement to work with.

However, I’m currently doing a balancing act with my new venture and with writing (until the planning gets off the ground fully), so I feel like I’m working double shifts… and I desperately need a vacation. So when I saw these gorgeous Cruise ’09 ads for Michael Kors I was basically salivating for a getaway. I think the only thing getting me through the work days is a Vegas trip planned for the end of this month (sadly only 2 days), and the much-anticipated trip to Maui (5 days, woot!)  in September.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with these fabulous Mario Testino shots of the Michael Kors Cruise ’09 ad campaign. If you stare at the images long and enough and close your eyes, you can almost see yourself in the location, basking in the sun and wearing fabulously chic cruise wear. Or is that just me? 🙂
michael kors ad

michael kors ad 1

michael kors ad 2

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The Jaws of Defeat

Ras Flat blue…Or should I say, da feet.  It all started about a week ago when I was perusing Endless to help a friend locate the perfect wedding shoe.  It’s no secret that I’m in love with shoes and I’ll take any excuse to shop my little heart out, so I was more than happy to help locate the brightly hued bridal pump of her dreams. In the end she settled for a gorgeous white shoe I found that will be dyed to match her wedding colors, but in the midst of my perusal I also came across these – and stopped dead in my tracks.

The shopaholic within me cried out and clapped her hands in glee – the perfect flat! So vibrant, so rich, so feminine; daintily demure yet somehow still sexy. And…. what’s this I see? GASP! They’re. ON. SALE.  No joke, I had to fan myself to avoid hyperventilation on the spot. I’d been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect colorful blue satin shoe for months now, and here it was, right in front of me. Just when I thought victory was mine, something tragic happened. As I clicked on my size to put these pretties in my shopping basket the lovely blue color disappeared from the webpage. Apparently the only color left in my size was brown.

My heart sank, but I was still hopeful – many sites sell RAS brand shoes, I reasoned, and I would definitely be able to find another pair. And then I did – on eBay of all places, going for only $15 brand new, never worn, in my size, in the gorgeous blue color. Hallelujah, I was saved.   I bid on them and waited eagerly until the auction’s end, this past Saturday, so I could place a last minute bid in case anyone dared try to rip them from my grasp.  It was a great plan, save for the fact that I forgot my parents and inlaws were descending upon us to visit for the weekend. My error in planning was my fatal flaw, and the shoes went to another bidder while I joked jovially and snacked on gourmet sandwiches with the fam.

Mike can’t understand why I’m still lamenting the loss of these flats every time we leave the house (I’m reminded of them when I have to put on my shoes, ha), but I can’t forget the taste of near victory that was snatched away so suddenly. I even tried looking up where RAS is sold in stores, only to find that a trip to the Bon Marche in Paris was my only option. And in that case, I’d have better luck trying to bribe someone who already owns them to give them up.

So that, my friends, is the story of my latest shopping FAIL. The moral of this sad tale? eBay, for all its virtues, can also be a cruel, sadistic mistress, snatching away the one you love and mocking you with one last jab when you’re already down –  “You Were Outbid.”

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The Wedding March

As the weeks fly by and the wedding draws ever closer, something odd has happened. At nine months out, I was a super planner and a nervous wreck – it seemed like there just wasn’t enough time in the day to get the wedding planned. Witness, to your left: my carefully crafted wedding inspiration board.

Now, as the date looms just 5 weeks out, a sudden calm has washed over me. Wedding, schmedding – who needs to plan? It’s as if a lull has overcome my perfectionist thinking and I finally relented the need to control every last little detail. This is a good thing…right?

But instead of relishing the quiet inside my head, I’ve noticed that it’s a little too quiet in there – crickets might as well be chirping in the background. This unnerves me because it’s not as if I have everything done; au contraire, the long list of DIY projects is still awaiting my attention. The invites went out two weeks late, I still haven’t picked what kind of veil I want (let alone ordered it), I never found the perfect shoe, the bridesmaids dresses aren’t in yet and the favors have yet to be ordered.

I want to get stressed, mad, determined – I want to get the sudden urge to hurl myself back into planning mode and take on all those DIY tasks. Instead, I find the thoughts of unfinished items bobbing up gently in my conscience, and my conscience allowing them to softly sink back down into oblivion. It’s so unlike me; the antithesis to my obsessive-compulsive, detail-worshiping self.

My only hope is that, while there’s still enough time left, my blase brain revs up for one final push. Because the wedding will march on whether I finish those little details or not. Guests will arrive and gather, and I will be married to the man I love and was meant for. But I can’t help thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to have 35 handmade tissue paper pom-poms twirling gently in the breeze, or a wish table with two oversized dandelions backbreakingly constructed from Styrofoam and bleached baby’s breath… or beautifully designed programs… or oversized, calligraphied signs with complimenting black and white striped ribbon…

I have to wonder: Is is just me, or does every bride-to-be have a stressfully unstressful moment?

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Fug Files: Monokini Disaster

While my previous post discussed the virtues of the sexy-but-covered-up one piece, here’s the epitome of what a one-piece SHOULDN’T be. I mean…. is it for a stripper? The silver lame-look (forgive me, I can’t figure out how to type the accent over the e in lame) spandex screams “video ho”, and I’m pretty sure the model in the picture is angled to hide a creepy case of camel-toe.

Even if I were to ignore the stripper-esque fabric and cut, I can’t help but hate it for the wacked-out tan line you’re going to get from this doozy. Who wants a mini-ring and lines across her chest and a long stripe up her stomach? Yecchh! This disaster has none of the cuteness of a bikini, and none of the virtues of a decent one-piece. My advice? Run for the hills. Already own it? Burn it, then run for the hills – I hear FUG is highly flammable. *

*If for some reason you actually like this monokini distaster, you can get it at Macys for $144. But I suggest burning your money before buying this – it’ll do you more good than wearing it. 😉


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Fug Files: Jimmy Choo Saba

Jimmy, I love you so much. Your shoes are literally the wind beneath my wings: they pick me up when I’m feeling down, keep me going through the hard times, and celebrate my happiest moments with me. It’s been a whirlwind affair so far, but the honeymoon period is over and I just can’t ignore your latest glaring flaw: The Saba Bag.

Animal print is in and all, but why would a grown woman want to wear half a dead zebra over her arm? It’s just too much safari, too big and too slouchy. It’s too loud for daytime and too big for nighttime; perhaps the only feasible place you’d wear this is on safari, while trying to blend in with a herd of zebras or attract large feline predators. Either way, you’re better off leaving this one on the shelf at the department store. Especially with a $3,400 price tag… if you love Choo so much, buy 6 or 7 pairs of beautiful shoes for the same cost and consider it a wise investment. Amen!

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