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Ready for Summer… Almost.

Loeffler Randall One Piece Ruffle Swim SuitThough I have a tendancy to bemoan LA living, days like today make me want to bite my tongue.  I woke up to sunlight streaming through my window, and found a perfectly balmy, 75 degree day outside my doorstep.  When a client rescheduled our meeting fo tomorrow, I also found myself with enough time in my hectic day to walk the doogas (my affectionate joint label for Rambo and Bentley) over to the Coffee Bean on Beverly.  As I leisurely strolled home in the midday sun with Mike and my fur babies, I sipped my green tea ice blended and thanked the universe for a perfect LA day. After being cooped indoors for the last week working frantically to meet various deadlines, I realized that I was more than ready for summer to arrive… almost.

You see, while I’m 100% gung-ho about the consistently gorgeous weather and vacation days, my body is not. Let’s just say my brain is in Maui but my booty is clinging to winter’s cookies, wine and pajama pants.  But if I don’t get in shape anytime soon, my solution is this: the Loeffler Randall Circle Ruffle One Piece Swim Suit (that’s a mouthfull…).  The black color will slenderize, the one piece will hide my tummy and hate handles (a.k.a. love handles, minus the love), and the fabulous fluffy one shoulder will draw the eye upward.  Honestly, if this swimsuit had a skirt, I’d wear it as a cocktail dress – it’s that perfect. In fact, it kind of takes the one piece to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

Loeffler Randall Circle Ruffle One Piece, $195 at Shop Bop


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