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Need to lose weight fast? Here’s how:

With the new year come many peoples’ New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get in shape. Last year, this was my goal as well, and I am proud to say I accomplished it – albeit in a nonconventional manner. My personal trainer came in the form of a 7 pound, half-bald BostonTerrier named Rambo. Here’s the story of how Rambo made me run, which originally appeared on Shoetube:

Up until a year ago, I did not consider myself a runner. In fact, I would go so far as to categorize myself as the anti-runner.

“Want to go for a jog on the beach this weekend?” well-meaning friends would ask.

“Ha! Over my dead body,” came my scathing reply. Then I would strap on my highest stilettos and jaunt on over to the mall.

My aversion to running was rather ironic, considering I played soccer competitively for ten years (I reconcile the oxymoronic nature of this to the fact that I played defense and rarely left the goal box). Plus, since then I have grown a tad lazier, filled my life with work and stuck to yoga and the elliptical machine, telling myself that the low impact was better for my joints. My lackadaisical anti-running attitude persisted until one fateful day when along came Rambo. Continue reading



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