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Pair This with That

Black Zippered Rose Accessories

I’m a huge fan of mixing high and low fashion. It’s such a great way to pull together a stylish looking outfit, and mixing in the low price items with expensive pieces you own elevates the whole look.  Guiseppe Zanotti’s fall collection includes a pair of black leather peep toes with a zipper-edged rose on the top that are seriously badass and sexy.  Then today I came across a mirror image of the zipper-edged rose… in the form of a $4 ring. How fun and sassy would it be to pair these two together to roughen up a prim and proper outfit? Maybe a ruffled collar, sleeveless button down blouse with high waisted pencil skirt? Or a ruffled white cami tucked into skinny ankle jeans, topped with a colorful sweater? What would you pair this with?


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Bloomies Shoe Sale

Guess Syria Leather PumpShoe-aholics who love a good deal should click their way on over to Bloomingdale’s, where they are offering the following promotion for TODAY ONLY:

  • $50 off $200 of shoes
  • $100 off $300 of shoes
  • $150 off $500 of shoes

The only thing that irks me about sales like these is that they aren’t a consistent percentage off. You get the best discount if you buy $300 worth of shoes, and get screwed if you buy $1,000 of shoes since you only get $150 off.

Am I being too critical? I mean, a sale’s a sale, right? I think perhaps the 80% off January sales are still too fresh in my mind to get excited by 30% off. 🙂

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Spring Sales

j-crew-merino-crosshatch-cardiganLucky for my (and your) inner shopaholic, Spring Sales have hit the retail world. First, Bloomingdale’s is having their Friends & Family sale, which gives you 20% off all items. Just use Bloomingdale’s coupon code SPRINGFF, valid now through April 26th. They currently have a cute selection of dresses that are already 25% off, which would be a steal using your extra 20% Friends & Family coupon code.

One of my great loves, J. Crew, is also having a smashing Spring Sale. I buckled and already ordered three sweaters to round out my wardrobe: one bright marigold boyfriend-style merino wool cardigan, a 3/4 sleeve navy cotton and cashmere cardigan with flower detail and a taupe merino wool cardigan with chiffon crosshatching (pictured).

They arrived yesterday and were worth every penny. Plus, they cost less altogether than just one of the sweaters would have cost at full retail price. Get free shipping on orders over $175 with J Crew’s coupon code LOVEIT.

Hey, if you have to shop, at least shop the sales and save some money. Am I right? 😉

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To Buy or Not To Buy?

designer-sale-picNow that we are *officially* in a recession, shopaholics everywhere must search deep within their souls and answer a pressing question: to buy, or not to buy? Do we buy because all of the best designers have slashed their prices by 70%? Or perhaps because it’s practically our civic duty to jump start the flailing economy?

Do we not buy at all? Should we wisely close our clutches and pinch pennies to safeguard our savings account? I’d approach this question with a multi-pronged answer, since, though it may seem superficial, is actually rather complex. I think the answer depends on two main issues: your current financial situation and the item in question.

No Money, No Problem (or at least, no problem making a decision)

For those of us who have received paycuts, less hours, or the pink slip, the answer is clear: hold onto your money and leave the credit cards at home. No matter how fabulous that coat is, or how far it has been discounted, or the fact that you can pass it down to your nonexistant potential future daughter at some point in the future, you need to put the credit card down, and slowly back away. And stay away. The best way to avoid temptation and potential slip ups is to steer clear of the stores. The deals will still be there when you have a job again, and you’ll be back in the dressing room before you know it.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

First off, if you are gainfully employed with no forseeable job cuts – rejoice! Secondly, you have a decision to make that boils down to the item in question. Here’s my guide on when to buy and when to hold back:

Buy When At Least 2 of the Below Conditions Are Met:

The Andrew Marc Wool 'Katie' Coat is a good investment piece.

The Andrew Marc Wool 'Katie' Coat is a good investment piece.

– The item is 70% off or more

– The item is something you are absolutely in love with, and you would have gladly paid full price at the beginning of the season

– It’s a classic style, cut, or design that could have been worn ten years ago and that will likely still look stylish ten years in the future

– It looks absolutely fantastic on you, and you know it will be in heavy wardrobe rotation for at least two years

Do NOT Buy If the Item Meets ANY of the Below Criteria:

– The item was an ‘It’ bag, shoe, dress of the season. If you do, three months from now you’ll already look dated.

– It’s not marked down past 60% – trust me, it will go further by the time January rolls around

Though cute & super trendy, the Dolce Gabanna psychedelic dress isn't a smart recession purchase.

Though cute & super trendy, the Dolce Gabanna psychedelic dress isn't a smart recession purchase.

– It’s a great deal, but it doesn’t fit and flatter your body fabulously. When you add another $100 of alterations to the price tag and still can’t guarantee a great fit, it’s just not worth the time, money or hassle.

– The color isn’t one of your favorites. Two years ago I snatched up a pale pink Narciso Rodriguez gown for what I thought was a steal – $800, down from it’s original $4,500 price tag. The color makes me look completely washed out, and I have never worn the dress. I am currently trying to sell it on eBay for $375… any takers? 🙂

So while I wouldn’t tell anyone to avoid shopping, I will say that ‘Tis the Season to Shop with Caution.”  If you absolutely love it, you look great in it, and you have the money – go for it. But if not, there is always another day, another deal, and another gorgeous dress.

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Summer On Sale!

Now that Fall items are flooding stores, summer’s bounty has hit the clearance racks – cha-ching! There are few things I love more than a great sale, and end of season sales are my favorite type of sale. Stores are desperate to liquidate clothes that will soon be out of season, and you, the buyer, have a chance to swoop in and scoop up all the pretty little things your heart desires for half the price.

Words to the Wise…

When buying stuff on sale, steer clear of the trendy, of-the-moment items. Pick classics, items that could have been worn a two years ago and that you think will still be worn two years from now. Simple items are also good choices; pick pieces you can dress up or down, and completely change the look of with a few trendy accessories. These pieces will stand the test of time, and won’t be something you’ll regret buying just because it was on sale. The ultimate test for a sale item is, “Would I have paid full price for this item?” If the answer is no, consider whether you really love it, or if you’re just after a good bargain.

Here are 3 cute picks from ShopBop’s end of summer sale:

1. Susana Monaco Ruffle Dress – I believe this baby went on sale because the ShopBop stylist didn’t belt the dress, leaving it to hang like a sack on the model. If you add a cute belt to this dress, it’s perfect to wear throughout Fall, Spring, and next Summer!

2. Cynthia Steffe Keyhole Dress – This one also desperately needs a belt, but it a beautiful, classic dress. Add a black belt, and you can wear this one out at night with black tights and heels, or out shopping with t-strap flats. The colors are neutral, which adds years to its closet life and wearability!

3. Alice & Olivia Paris Rose Patio Dress – I know the patio dress is typically summer-wear, but the deep maroon color of this particular maxi dress is perfect for early Fall as well. Just toss on a cropped jacket with rolled up sleeves and a stand-up collar for added warmth.

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Endless Shoe Sale Extravaganza

I have been a Zappos devotee for a while now, but recently discovered another nifty little shoe site with a bazillion shoes – Endless. They have all the crazy search options of Zappos, and right now they are having a HUGE sale (50% off) on many gorgeous pairs of shoes.

Since black and white shoes are still on my wedding-riddled mind, I am in love with this pair from Vince Camuto. The shoe shape looks just like the Marc Jacobs red peep toes I got last year, which are super stylish and comfy too.

The only reason I haven’t purchased the Vince Camuto pumps yet is that I’m concerned that they won’t be fancy enough for a wedding, and I’ll fall in love with them and won’t send them back.

Although I have to say that Endless’ 365 day free shipping and returns policy makes it awfully enticing to order them anyways. They are currently 45% off, down to $71 from $129. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Splurge v. Steal: The Yellow Bikini

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days…. between wedding planning, house hunting and a rockslide of work I hardly had time to breathe, let alone post :). I was looking at swimwear on Shop Bop and found Rachel Pally’s adorable little yellow string bikini, which is just perfect for summer.

It has a pop of color, a halter, bandeau style top and a cute little string bottom. I might not be baring my behind that much this summer, but if you’ve got a perky little booty, you should definitely go for it!

I love Rachel Pally, but Victoria’s Secret literally sells the same suit for a SMALL fraction of the price ($172 for Pally’s version and a mere $29 for the VS version). I already have the VS suit in a different color and it fits really well, except for the fact that the top is not fully lined. If you want to save big and go for the VS version, buy some cup inserts and fabric glue them into the top, or remove the liners from an old bikini, cut them to fit the new top and fabric glue them in. Just make sure you use waterproof fabric glue! 🙂

P.S. Don’t you just love how in the pics above, the Rachel Pally model looks all sad that her suit is so expensive, and the VS model looks triumphant because hers is such a good deal? 😉

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