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Loves It: Amethyst and Gold Cuff Bracelet

Statement bracelets are kind of my thing. I love having a big, chunky, bold piece of jewelry around my wrist, whether it be a men’s sized watch or a large cuff. So, when I spotted this amethyst and gold cuff bracelet by London designer David Webdale, I fell in love.

Feast your fashion-loving eyes on this fabulous gem, and tell me it isn’t absolutely gorgeous:

Le sigh. Now if only I could find a way to make this piece part of my jewelry collection. 🙂


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Green With Envy

I’ve always loved wearing green to bring out the color in my hazel eyes, especially in winter. Emerald green is a flattering color for such a wide range of skin tones, too, and looks great against pale winter skin. A festive holiday color, it’s easier to pull off than many shades of red, and looks universally lovely on blondes, brunettes and redheads… what more could a girl want?

Well, since you mention it, I suppose I can name one more thing I want – this gorgeous Antik Batik long sleeve ruffle dress. Preferably wrapped up with a pretty bow, placed neatly beneath my Christmas tree *smiles demurely*. What I love so much about this dress is the endless possibilities to dress it up or down. It can be worn to a brunch and shopping trip with the girls by rolling the sleeves to elbow-length, adding a black scoopneck tank underneath,  tights (the J. Crew herringbone tights in the caramel color, perhaps?) and flats.

Or, make your entrance to a swanky holiday party as belle of the ball with bronzer liberally applied to your gams and decollete, a killer pair of heels and eye-catching clutch. Oh yes, and a fabulous pair of gold or citrine and gold earrings for a finishing sparkle and pop to the outfit. Better yet, it would also make a perfect New Years party frock; just throw on a short fur or faux fur coat, tights and sexy boots and you’re ready to brave the cold without looking frumpy.  I usually don’t love Antik Batik designs, but this stunner is surely the perfect dress for a stylish girl’s winter wardrobe.

Long Sleeve Ruffle Dress by Antik Batik, $375 at Net A Porter

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Shopping Indulgence: J Crew Herringbone Tights

J Crew herringbone tightsOkay, okay, I broke down yesterday and bought something completely overpriced and frivolous. Granted, the final cost was under $25, but it was only for a pair of tights after all – and not even on sale – gasp! I just had to do it though. You see, the J. Crew herringbone tights that I buckled and bought were the same herringbone tights that made my heart leap two years ago when I bagged my first pair: the year was 2007, I was employed as a fashion editor, and I couldn’t stop wearing my herringbone tights under all my fall dresses. Life was good.

And then, suddenly, life was not so good. December of that year was a craptastic month in more ways than one – not only did our office close down, leaving me out of a job, but my beloved J. Crew herringbone tights became hopelessly frayed when I foolishly wore them with my tall riding boots. Apparently the inside of the zipper at the boot’s top had a rough edge, and when I took them off that day I was dismayed to find the area just behind the knee of my tights filled with irreparably fuzzy, snagged stubble.  I couldn’t bear to throw the tights away, and have attempted to camouflage the surly snaggles by wearing extra high boots and by pushing my tights down super low. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite working.

So when I walked into J. Crew yesterday for a little Columbus Day stroll through the mall (prompted by the hubby, in search of a jacket), I was over the moon to find that the Crew brought back my beloved tights for the Fall 2009 season. I might have gotten a little too carried away, and actually ended up buying the herringbone tights in two colors. But I’ll return one of them… tomorrow. I promise. 🙂

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Pair This with That

Black Zippered Rose Accessories

I’m a huge fan of mixing high and low fashion. It’s such a great way to pull together a stylish looking outfit, and mixing in the low price items with expensive pieces you own elevates the whole look.  Guiseppe Zanotti’s fall collection includes a pair of black leather peep toes with a zipper-edged rose on the top that are seriously badass and sexy.  Then today I came across a mirror image of the zipper-edged rose… in the form of a $4 ring. How fun and sassy would it be to pair these two together to roughen up a prim and proper outfit? Maybe a ruffled collar, sleeveless button down blouse with high waisted pencil skirt? Or a ruffled white cami tucked into skinny ankle jeans, topped with a colorful sweater? What would you pair this with?

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You Got That Where?!

Lacquer Tear Shaped BraceletFloral Hinge Braceletgold and coral bracelet

Take a good, long look at these stylish baubles. Lovely, right? If I didn’t know where they came from I probably would have guessed they were sold at J. Crew or Anthropologie and cost somewhere between $40 – $100. I’ve lusted after so many J. Crew and Anthro jewelry pieces that I’ve lost count, yet every one I’ve refrained from buying because they usually cost a pretty penny. If you, like me, are in love with their feminine, irresistible jewelry pieces, you are in luck. Because all of the pretty pieces above are from good old Forever 21.

Ranging in price from $3.80 to $15, these lovelies are so affordable you can snap up three or four and still come in under budget. Speaking of which, I may or may not have made a detour to the Beverly Center this weekend and snagged a few new $4 rings myself. 🙂 Happy Bargain Shopping!

Tear Looped Jewel Bracelet, $14.80

Floral Hinge Bracelet, $8.80

Anisa Studded Bracelet, $7.80

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Emerson Made

Emerson MadeAfter my last heavy post, I thought I’d pass along a sunny new blog / accessory line I happened to find. The blog, called Emerson Made,  is mainly a marketing tool for a small accessory company of the same name.  Emerson Made somehow manages to be an incredibly lighthearted, whimsical and intriguing despite serving as a sales catalog.  I don’t know much about the woman behind the line’s signature blooming flower pins, although her creativity, wit and authenticity make me think she’s the kind of person I’d become fast friends with.

She (Emerson, presumably?) models all her own clothes and puts together undeniably stylish ensembles that I want to recreate with my own wardrobe. She stages Anthropologie / J. Crew inspired photo shoots on what seems to be her own rural, verdant farm, complete with an old fashioned wooden porch and spotted guinea fowl. Last, but certainly not least, she creates lovely one of a kind fabric flower accessories in all shapes and sizes that would go fabulously with my wardrobe.

What’s not to love?

P.S. Emerson Made can be purchased through their website, but her photo shoots & musings are found on the blog.

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New Jewelry Line: Annoushka

Annoushka gold leaf braceletWhile poring over my Women’s Wear Daily, some gorgeous baubles caught my eye and I wanted to share them with you, my fellow fashion lovers.  The jewelry is crafted by new jewelry company Annoushka, which was founded by the same people who created Links of London.  Though the pieces aren’t in stores yet, once they officially debut at the end of this month there are plans to distribute the jewelry throughout the UK  in stand alone stores and in major retailers like Harvey Nichols.

What I love about Annoushka’s jewelry designs is that they have a very organic, handmade feel to them.  They’re also stylish without relying too heavily on trends, which means the pieces will have a long life in the buyer’s jewelry box.

Since all pieces will be made from 18K gold, they’ll likely cost a pretty penny…. but perhaps it’s worth saving to own special jewelry you’ll keep your entire life rather than buying a million trendy pieces for $30. Thoughts?

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