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100th Post, and new 20 something musings

I realize this picture is totally random and does not correlate with the post whatsoever, but I love it, and this is my blog so I can do what I want. So there.

"This as real as it gets" (10 pts for anyone who knows where those lyrics come from). I realize this picture is totally random and does not correlate with the post whatsoever, but I love it. Plus, I really wanted an excuse to make reference to the "I'm on a Boat" music video, hehehe...

I have a confession. I have been putting off my 100th post for over a week now, ever since I realized that it was the 100th Shopaholica post. The enormity of the milestone post weighed on me for some time, and I didn’t want it to be wasted on a random hair piece or a few trivial sentences about eyelash enhancing mascara (which, if you are interested in the topic, is on the posting horizon).  However, as the days dragged on and I grew increasingly busy with other work (you know, the painfully dull kind that pays the bills), I realized that unless I just sat down and started typing, Shopaholica would never have a 100th post.

So it is without earth-shattering news,  stories involving wedding planning hilarity or a fabulous must-have frock that I begin my 100th post. I thought perhaps I’d spend the post reflecting on the twists and turns of Shopaholica and my life, and see where it takes me. Who needs a well-planned post when random musings will do, eh? Well, I suppose I’ll let you be the judge of the method’s success.

February 9, 2008 is the fateful day Shopaholica was born into the webiverse. At the time I found myself newly engaged, sitting at home all day and utterly, hopelessly lost as to what my next career move might be. Just two months prior the fabulous fashion startup company I was euphorically climbing the ranks of imploded with a sudden bang, absorbing with it my aspirations to become a young fashion VP selling the virtues of our blog and trend stores to the retail world.  The first day after finding myself jobless I took out every Manolo, Jimmy and Prada pump in my closet and busied myself by hand cleaning and polishing each one to an impeccable gleam. Career be damned, I was going to step out in style regardless of my employment status. Continue reading


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Friday Funday: Shoes on Sale

VS Shoe Sale Faves

I’m thrilled to set off for SF this weekend, but wanted to put up one more post celebrating Friday in the best way possible: with fabulous shoes, on sale.  The latest Victoria’s Secret catalogue reared its tempting little head in my mailbox earlier this week, and I fawned over their cute selection of shoes on sale.

They have everthing from embellished flip flops and gladiator sandals to night on the town heels to beachy espadrilles for summer. I even happened to pick a pair up for myself… can you guess which one I picked out of my four highlights pictured above?

Shoes, from L to R, clockwise:

Patent Criss Cross Pump (A Jimmy Choo substitute, perhaps?) by Oh, Deer, $99

Almond Toe Leather Pump, $39

V-front Slingback Heels, (which totally remind me of a Bottega Veneta style) $58

Peep Toe Espadrille Wedge, $39

If you like any of the styles above, use free shipping code  VS50SHP for orders over $50.

Happy Friday, and happy shopping!


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Rack Trap is the New Clutch… right.

This is not a joke – which is precisely what makes it so damn funny.  The “Rack Trap” will hold all a ladies’ necessary personal belongings inside her bra when going out – no purse required. A small hypoallergenic pocket has just enough room to hold your cash and cards for a purseless night out. My only question is, what happens then you’re at the bar and you need to pay for your cocktail?  How does one access their “rack trap” without getting all “Girls Gone Wild” on the bartender?

Rack Trap


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Vamp It Up This Summer

jantzen-black-one-pieceIf the retro swimwear trend was building up a slow, steady steam for the past two years, it is officially rolling full steam ahead for 2009.  I, for one, am all for the trend. I mean, who doesn’t feel more comfortable at the beach with a little more of your goodies covered up? I’m no Puritan, but the way swimsuits were trending there for a couple of years had me concerned that they were going to disappear altogether – Brazilian models, Brazilian swimsuit bottoms and Brazilian waxes were taking over the world in ’06. It was a frightening time for anyone who didn’t do 100 squats a day and subsist on water, let me tell ya…

Jantzen has been designing the most simple, sexy retro one piece swimsuit for the last two years called the Vamp, and I am very much in love. Whether you prefer the sexy scarlet red or the more demure, sophisticated black color, I think we can all agree that this suit is definitely a keeper for 2009 and beyond.  Last year Macy’s sold this suit, and thankfully they’ve stocked it again this year for $100 – hurry and get yours before they get snapped up by other retro-loving ladies.

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But let’s not totally knock Urban…

urban-deaux-lux-zipper-satchelurban-denim-dress1Clearly I have a vendetta against poorly fitting polyester dresses. But I should cut Urban Outfitters a little slack – I mean, they did pick out that horrific fug file-worthy dress last season. However, their Spring 09 line is cute, well-edited and priced incredibly well. A+ on sidestepping the potential economic disaster with overpriced clothing – really.

Though I loathe pleather, I saw this cute satchel in the Urban Outfitters Spring catalogue and fell in love – with the price tag. At only $68, their Deux Lux Zipper Seam Satchel is a bonafide stylish steal. I’m lusting after the mint colored version called Green Tea – coincidentally also my favorite beverage. It must be fate.

Also, unlike the unspeakably ill-fitting Charlotte Ronson dress, they have  a super sexy denim minidress that hugs all the right curves – I’ve posted the blue denim version so you can see the lines, but I want to pick it up in the black color. Cute, casual, and sexy at the same time – what more could a girl want? Oh yes, a reasonable price tag, which it also satisfies at under $70. Love and love. Pair it with a chunky statement necklace and gladiator heels for a fun night out; colorful jacket with cuffed sleeves and a cute pair of flats for day. Finally, Urban Outfitters has gotten it right.

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Fab, Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards


If your inner scrooge ever had a golden opportunity to come out and play, the time is now. The brightest silver lining of this economic downturn is that no one will judge your cheapness.   Instead of going to the card boutique and picking up a few unique cards at $5.99 per pop (and then mailing them for what will soon cost 44 cents per envelope), send an adorable, free Valentine’s Day E-card.

Kate Spade’s website has the coolest selection of Vday ecards that will make your inner miser jump for joy. My favorites are the Boston Terrier card (see above), the penguin, and the Big Love card. See the whole selection and send your own artsy fartsy Vday card here.

If you’re feeling particularly old school, Chicago stationer Sarah Drake is offering a free template for a cute Valentine’s Day card you can print out at home. Print it on a red piece of cardstock, pen a sweet love note, and your honey will never know that you A.) forgot to buy a card at the store, B.) are too lazy to head to the store when you realized you forgot to buy a card or C.) bought cookies with your Vday card budget (don’t judge me, I needed a sugar boost).

vday-some-ecardFor the broke and snarky, no site is more exciting than Some Ecards. The cards are absolutely free and gapingly hysterical (IMHO, at least), and there is one for every occasion. They even have ecards for topical events, which makes even the most serious news pretty damn funny.  You’ll either love Some Ecards or hate it, so here’s a Valentine’s Day e-card  sample to help you decide whether it’s worth the click: “Join me for a girl’s night this Valentine’s Day to celebrate our independence before we drunk text our exes and quietly sob ourselves to sleep.”  Another great one is, “Thinking of Facebook-stalking you this Valentine’s Day.” Love it.

Whether you are broke, love ecards, or just cheap, I hope the above has helped you locate the perfect free Ecard to send. Happy Friday, and Happy Valentine’s  Weekend!

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Wedding Highlights

In an effort not to bore readers with details of my personal life, I have refrained from blogging too much on the wedding. However, it seems that all my family and friends are unsatisfied with my decision – hmmph! So, I’ll do a quick recap with some of the highlights, and my favorite parts of the wedding. I’ll try to keep an emphasis on style, since this is, after all, a style blog. If you love it, let me know and I’ll do more. If you hate it, please bear with me.

Here’s a picture collage with some of my favorite details and shots (by the amazingly talented Aaron Willcox of Willcox Photography) from the ceremony:


From left to right, top to bottom:

1. The gorgeous hairpiece I’ve blogged about before (from Shelly Sheek Boutique)… I am still just as in love.

2. Photo charms with my grandparents’ pictures on my bouquet so they could be with me in spirit.

3. The boys’ boutonnieres, which turned out great and really popped against the black tuxes.

4. Our ceremony site florals turned out beautifully – the 19th century Victorian woman in me was giddy with the romance & whimsy of it all.

5. I just love this photo that Aaron snapped – do I need more of a reason to put it in here? Well, okay, maybe I do have one more reason: it showcases the fruits of my months-long search to discover the name of those white flowers so I could get them into my bouquet. FYI: They are called football mums, and they are my new favorite fall flower.

6. The architectural bow detail on my Amsale wedding dress. I had multiple people come up to me that night and tell me I need to find a way to wear this dress on a regular basis. I have to agree… any suggestions? 🙂

7. Our flower girl’s dress that was the perfect shade of eggshell to match mine. Also, note that she is carrying both the pomander and ring holder since the ring bearer was being adorably difficult.

8. All of my bridesmaids from highschool, looking beautiful in the Priscilla of Boston bridesmaid dresses.  In this shot they were running over to take pics while simultaneously busting a move; precisely why I love them.

Next Up…. Reception Highlights. 🙂


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