You Got That Where?!

Lacquer Tear Shaped BraceletFloral Hinge Braceletgold and coral bracelet

Take a good, long look at these stylish baubles. Lovely, right? If I didn’t know where they came from I probably would have guessed they were sold at J. Crew or Anthropologie and cost somewhere between $40 – $100. I’ve lusted after so many J. Crew and Anthro jewelry pieces that I’ve lost count, yet every one I’ve refrained from buying because they usually cost a pretty penny. If you, like me, are in love with their feminine, irresistible jewelry pieces, you are in luck. Because all of the pretty pieces above are from good old Forever 21.

Ranging in price from $3.80 to $15, these lovelies are so affordable you can snap up three or four and still come in under budget. Speaking of which, I may or may not have made a detour to the Beverly Center this weekend and snagged a few new $4 rings myself. 🙂 Happy Bargain Shopping!

Tear Looped Jewel Bracelet, $14.80

Floral Hinge Bracelet, $8.80

Anisa Studded Bracelet, $7.80


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Emerson Made

Emerson MadeAfter my last heavy post, I thought I’d pass along a sunny new blog / accessory line I happened to find. The blog, called Emerson Made,  is mainly a marketing tool for a small accessory company of the same name.  Emerson Made somehow manages to be an incredibly lighthearted, whimsical and intriguing despite serving as a sales catalog.  I don’t know much about the woman behind the line’s signature blooming flower pins, although her creativity, wit and authenticity make me think she’s the kind of person I’d become fast friends with.

She (Emerson, presumably?) models all her own clothes and puts together undeniably stylish ensembles that I want to recreate with my own wardrobe. She stages Anthropologie / J. Crew inspired photo shoots on what seems to be her own rural, verdant farm, complete with an old fashioned wooden porch and spotted guinea fowl. Last, but certainly not least, she creates lovely one of a kind fabric flower accessories in all shapes and sizes that would go fabulously with my wardrobe.

What’s not to love?

P.S. Emerson Made can be purchased through their website, but her photo shoots & musings are found on the blog.

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100th Post, and new 20 something musings

I realize this picture is totally random and does not correlate with the post whatsoever, but I love it, and this is my blog so I can do what I want. So there.

"This as real as it gets" (10 pts for anyone who knows where those lyrics come from). I realize this picture is totally random and does not correlate with the post whatsoever, but I love it. Plus, I really wanted an excuse to make reference to the "I'm on a Boat" music video, hehehe...

I have a confession. I have been putting off my 100th post for over a week now, ever since I realized that it was the 100th Shopaholica post. The enormity of the milestone post weighed on me for some time, and I didn’t want it to be wasted on a random hair piece or a few trivial sentences about eyelash enhancing mascara (which, if you are interested in the topic, is on the posting horizon).  However, as the days dragged on and I grew increasingly busy with other work (you know, the painfully dull kind that pays the bills), I realized that unless I just sat down and started typing, Shopaholica would never have a 100th post.

So it is without earth-shattering news,  stories involving wedding planning hilarity or a fabulous must-have frock that I begin my 100th post. I thought perhaps I’d spend the post reflecting on the twists and turns of Shopaholica and my life, and see where it takes me. Who needs a well-planned post when random musings will do, eh? Well, I suppose I’ll let you be the judge of the method’s success.

February 9, 2008 is the fateful day Shopaholica was born into the webiverse. At the time I found myself newly engaged, sitting at home all day and utterly, hopelessly lost as to what my next career move might be. Just two months prior the fabulous fashion startup company I was euphorically climbing the ranks of imploded with a sudden bang, absorbing with it my aspirations to become a young fashion VP selling the virtues of our blog and trend stores to the retail world.  The first day after finding myself jobless I took out every Manolo, Jimmy and Prada pump in my closet and busied myself by hand cleaning and polishing each one to an impeccable gleam. Career be damned, I was going to step out in style regardless of my employment status. Continue reading

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My Best Friend’s Wedding…

… or alternately, Adventures in Wedding Planning. Be forewarned – this post is a wry glimpse inside my personal life, not a fluff piece on fashion, and is much longer than my usual posts. It also – gasp! – doesn’t have any pretty pictures to go along with it.  So consider yourself warned, and read at your own risk. 🙂

As some of you may (or may not) know, I have a passion for event planning as well as writing and marketing. When my good friend J – who claimed the title of “Bestestest Friend” in the fourth grade – asked me to plan her wedding, I wholeheartedly threw myself into the affair.  After months of helping her pick the venue and vendors, design coordinating menus, napkins, table numbers, ceremony programs, place cards, stuff favors and create a precise day of schedule, the wedding day arrived last Friday.

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New Jewelry Line: Annoushka

Annoushka gold leaf braceletWhile poring over my Women’s Wear Daily, some gorgeous baubles caught my eye and I wanted to share them with you, my fellow fashion lovers.  The jewelry is crafted by new jewelry company Annoushka, which was founded by the same people who created Links of London.  Though the pieces aren’t in stores yet, once they officially debut at the end of this month there are plans to distribute the jewelry throughout the UK  in stand alone stores and in major retailers like Harvey Nichols.

What I love about Annoushka’s jewelry designs is that they have a very organic, handmade feel to them.  They’re also stylish without relying too heavily on trends, which means the pieces will have a long life in the buyer’s jewelry box.

Since all pieces will be made from 18K gold, they’ll likely cost a pretty penny…. but perhaps it’s worth saving to own special jewelry you’ll keep your entire life rather than buying a million trendy pieces for $30. Thoughts?

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Style Crush: Emma Watson

Emma Watson styleSo, being the absolute nerd that I am, I’m very excited for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere this week.  Not only do I love Harry’s character, but Hermoine is one of my favorite characters in a series – she’s smart, sassy and brave; the perfect strong female character. Emma Watson depicts Hermoine to a tee, although I think I’d admire her as an actress even without the Harry Potter fame.

She has a certain class and sophistication about her, and doesn’t run around committing drunken debauchery like other young starlets.  Something about her poise reminds me a little of Julia Roberts, although I can’t put my finger on why. And besides, I have a complete crush on her style – she consistently pulls off the perfect ‘classic with a twist’ look that I love.  While I’m sure it helps to have Chanel on your side, not everyone can look so chic in their designs. It’s too bad that Hermoine was never much into fashion… Emma can pull it off so well!

What do you think about Emma Watson’s style? Love it or leave it?

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Need… Vacation… Now…

Working around the clock has been starting to get to me. When I’m absurdly busy and stressed to the nines, unfortunately one of my favorite projects, this blog, is the thing that inevitably ends up suffering. I blogged a while back about finding my new path, and it has been the most amazing ride so far. I am starting to book new clients, which is a thrill in itself – I feel so privileged to work with these amazing women to help them create their perfect day. I’ve also already met so many fantastic vendors who I’m brimming with excitement to work with.

However, I’m currently doing a balancing act with my new venture and with writing (until the planning gets off the ground fully), so I feel like I’m working double shifts… and I desperately need a vacation. So when I saw these gorgeous Cruise ’09 ads for Michael Kors I was basically salivating for a getaway. I think the only thing getting me through the work days is a Vegas trip planned for the end of this month (sadly only 2 days), and the much-anticipated trip to Maui (5 days, woot!)  in September.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with these fabulous Mario Testino shots of the Michael Kors Cruise ’09 ad campaign. If you stare at the images long and enough and close your eyes, you can almost see yourself in the location, basking in the sun and wearing fabulously chic cruise wear. Or is that just me? 🙂
michael kors ad

michael kors ad 1

michael kors ad 2

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