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Shopping Indulgence: J Crew Herringbone Tights

J Crew herringbone tightsOkay, okay, I broke down yesterday and bought something completely overpriced and frivolous. Granted, the final cost was under $25, but it was only for a pair of tights after all – and not even on sale – gasp! I just had to do it though. You see, the J. Crew herringbone tights that I buckled and bought were the same herringbone tights that made my heart leap two years ago when I bagged my first pair: the year was 2007, I was employed as a fashion editor, and I couldn’t stop wearing my herringbone tights under all my fall dresses. Life was good.

And then, suddenly, life was not so good. December of that year was a craptastic month in more ways than one – not only did our office close down, leaving me out of a job, but my beloved J. Crew herringbone tights became hopelessly frayed when I foolishly wore them with my tall riding boots. Apparently the inside of the zipper at the boot’s top had a rough edge, and when I took them off that day I was dismayed to find the area just behind the knee of my tights filled with irreparably fuzzy, snagged stubble.  I couldn’t bear to throw the tights away, and have attempted to camouflage the surly snaggles by wearing extra high boots and by pushing my tights down super low. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite working.

So when I walked into J. Crew yesterday for a little Columbus Day stroll through the mall (prompted by the hubby, in search of a jacket), I was over the moon to find that the Crew brought back my beloved tights for the Fall 2009 season. I might have gotten a little too carried away, and actually ended up buying the herringbone tights in two colors. But I’ll return one of them… tomorrow. I promise. 🙂


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Emerson Made

Emerson MadeAfter my last heavy post, I thought I’d pass along a sunny new blog / accessory line I happened to find. The blog, called Emerson Made,  is mainly a marketing tool for a small accessory company of the same name.  Emerson Made somehow manages to be an incredibly lighthearted, whimsical and intriguing despite serving as a sales catalog.  I don’t know much about the woman behind the line’s signature blooming flower pins, although her creativity, wit and authenticity make me think she’s the kind of person I’d become fast friends with.

She (Emerson, presumably?) models all her own clothes and puts together undeniably stylish ensembles that I want to recreate with my own wardrobe. She stages Anthropologie / J. Crew inspired photo shoots on what seems to be her own rural, verdant farm, complete with an old fashioned wooden porch and spotted guinea fowl. Last, but certainly not least, she creates lovely one of a kind fabric flower accessories in all shapes and sizes that would go fabulously with my wardrobe.

What’s not to love?

P.S. Emerson Made can be purchased through their website, but her photo shoots & musings are found on the blog.

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