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Shopping Indulgence: J Crew Herringbone Tights

J Crew herringbone tightsOkay, okay, I broke down yesterday and bought something completely overpriced and frivolous. Granted, the final cost was under $25, but it was only for a pair of tights after all – and not even on sale – gasp! I just had to do it though. You see, the J. Crew herringbone tights that I buckled and bought were the same herringbone tights that made my heart leap two years ago when I bagged my first pair: the year was 2007, I was employed as a fashion editor, and I couldn’t stop wearing my herringbone tights under all my fall dresses. Life was good.

And then, suddenly, life was not so good. December of that year was a craptastic month in more ways than one – not only did our office close down, leaving me out of a job, but my beloved J. Crew herringbone tights became hopelessly frayed when I foolishly wore them with my tall riding boots. Apparently the inside of the zipper at the boot’s top had a rough edge, and when I took them off that day I was dismayed to find the area just behind the knee of my tights filled with irreparably fuzzy, snagged stubble.  I couldn’t bear to throw the tights away, and have attempted to camouflage the surly snaggles by wearing extra high boots and by pushing my tights down super low. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite working.

So when I walked into J. Crew yesterday for a little Columbus Day stroll through the mall (prompted by the hubby, in search of a jacket), I was over the moon to find that the Crew brought back my beloved tights for the Fall 2009 season. I might have gotten a little too carried away, and actually ended up buying the herringbone tights in two colors. But I’ll return one of them… tomorrow. I promise. 🙂


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J. Crew, I heart you.

Perhaps the only style sensibility stronger than my inner girly girl is a penchant for preppy pieces with ladylike tailoring. And no reasonably-priced brand does this look better than old J. Crew. They used to be great for all the wardrobe basics, but lately their catalogs are laden with standout statement pieces and “hello-lova” shoes a la Carrie Bradshaw. Not to mention their uber cute accessory collection that incites a serious case of bracelet lust.

My current faves from their Fall Collection include the wool flannel golden roses dress, the Lulu metallic leather flats, Babette feathered peep-toes (:::sigh::: feathers!) and the outfit-clinching Crystal-lollipop peep toe pumps.  And then there’s the Fluer suede rosette peep-toes – I mean, hello? Where were these bad girls when I was desperately seeking my something blue wedding shoes?? Though it wasn’t meant to be for me, I suggest all Fall brides looking for their something blue check these little pretties out STAT.

Stay tuned for more online Fall collections that have me swooning… I need to make up for lost time. 🙂

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Frou Frou for Fall.

Seriously, the intensity of my resurfacing love for all things frou frou is scaring even me.  I say “resurfacing” because from ages four through fourteen I l-o-v-e-d all things girly, filly, flowery and feathery. Ethereal? Loved it. Romantic? Had to have it. Vintage or Antique? Done and done. I was an 80’s child stuck in the body of a 19th century Victorian woman.

Once my fourth grade class had a substitute teacher who, for the life of her, couldn’t properly pronounce my name. Instead of learning the correct way to say it she began referring to me as “Ma’am with the Brooch” every time she called on me to read. She must have had poor eyesight as well pronunciation skills, as I was wearing a necklace, not a brooch. But that’s not the point – this particular necklace was a vintage-esque piece that looked like a pocket watch with an antique gold finish. Under the glass face were a bundle of tiny, hand crafted clay roses that enraptured my eleven year old self with their exquisite detail and beauty.

Fast forward to today, when I would kill to have that necklace back so I could wear again this Fall. In every fashion house, romantic details abound, roses included. This makes abstaining from unnecessary shopping purchases pure torture for my inner girly girl. My only outlet for this obsession was the wedding, where I wore my favorite headpiece ever (and another huge trend for fall) – a dramatic white Ostrich feathered hair clip*. See how happy I am in the picture above? (Although that also might have had something to do with the fact that it was my wedding…. and I just got married to the love of my life… and Rambo had just made a surprise visit to our head table inside the reception hall (you can see him if you look behind my bouquet – he’s what Mike and I are fawning over).

I would wear that hairpiece every day if my husband wouldn’t look at me funny.  I mean, it could totally dress up a pair of old sweats, am I right?

*If you’re interested in finding out where I got the hair piece, email me and I’d be happy to let you know.

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Fall Romance

Although geographic shapes and clean lines are fighting for a style comeback, I’m still in love with the flowy silks, chiffons and romantic details that blew up in Spring. Lucky for me (and other hopeless fashion romantics), for every stark geometric ensemble there is a romantic counterpart.

I just love the pairing of a slim-fitting, high waisted black skirt with a patent black belt and a beautiful, chiffon top with feminine details. Gorgeous lingerie-inspired lace trims, English garden floral prints and fabric rosettes are my details of choice. What I love most about fashion is the beauty in clothing, and for me, the intricate, detailed and delicate feminine pieces are the epitome of beautiful.

Here are two cute romantic blouse picks from Neiman Marcus, by Milly and Nanette Lepore, respectively.

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