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Frou Frou for Fall.

Seriously, the intensity of my resurfacing love for all things frou frou is scaring even me.  I say “resurfacing” because from ages four through fourteen I l-o-v-e-d all things girly, filly, flowery and feathery. Ethereal? Loved it. Romantic? Had to have it. Vintage or Antique? Done and done. I was an 80’s child stuck in the body of a 19th century Victorian woman.

Once my fourth grade class had a substitute teacher who, for the life of her, couldn’t properly pronounce my name. Instead of learning the correct way to say it she began referring to me as “Ma’am with the Brooch” every time she called on me to read. She must have had poor eyesight as well pronunciation skills, as I was wearing a necklace, not a brooch. But that’s not the point – this particular necklace was a vintage-esque piece that looked like a pocket watch with an antique gold finish. Under the glass face were a bundle of tiny, hand crafted clay roses that enraptured my eleven year old self with their exquisite detail and beauty.

Fast forward to today, when I would kill to have that necklace back so I could wear again this Fall. In every fashion house, romantic details abound, roses included. This makes abstaining from unnecessary shopping purchases pure torture for my inner girly girl. My only outlet for this obsession was the wedding, where I wore my favorite headpiece ever (and another huge trend for fall) – a dramatic white Ostrich feathered hair clip*. See how happy I am in the picture above? (Although that also might have had something to do with the fact that it was my wedding…. and I just got married to the love of my life… and Rambo had just made a surprise visit to our head table inside the reception hall (you can see him if you look behind my bouquet – he’s what Mike and I are fawning over).

I would wear that hairpiece every day if my husband wouldn’t look at me funny.  I mean, it could totally dress up a pair of old sweats, am I right?

*If you’re interested in finding out where I got the hair piece, email me and I’d be happy to let you know.


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