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New Designer Obsession – By Malene Birger

So, needless to say…. it’s been a while. If anyone is still out there reading, I thank you for your patience (or your negligence in deleting my inactive blog from your Google reader) and dedication to Shopaholica. I’ve since had a few epiphanies regarding the future identity of Shopaholica, but haven’t quite had time to carry any of them yet out due to time spent building my company, The Stylish Soiree.

While I might not have an exciting new unveiling about Shopaholica’s identity, I do still see designers, clothing and beautiful things worth sharing. In that vein, I’ve fallen in love with Danish clothing line By Malene Birger. Her collections have that innate European chicness that can only come from abroad. I have yet to see that particular style sensibility successfully replicated in the U.S., which makes me feel like I am living on the wrong continent.  Give me unlimited shopping trips to Isabel Marant and By Malene Birger, a French baguette and a flat in London, and I’d die a very, very happy – and no doubt stylish – person.

I’ve posted a snapshot of the Spring 2009 By Malene Birger collection above so you can see what I’m drooling over. I realize it’s dated by now, but Spring 2009 was one of my favorite all-around seasons for fashion. Rosettes, chiffon, impeccable draping and feminine details everywhere… what’s not to love?

P.S. I’m trying to emphasize the styling service aspect of The Stylish Soiree (as seen in our recent Chanel-inspired bridal photo shoot), so if you or anyone you know wants to be beautifully bedecked for their engagement shoot, party or wedding, you know who to refer them to. 😉


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Shopping Indulgence: J Crew Herringbone Tights

J Crew herringbone tightsOkay, okay, I broke down yesterday and bought something completely overpriced and frivolous. Granted, the final cost was under $25, but it was only for a pair of tights after all – and not even on sale – gasp! I just had to do it though. You see, the J. Crew herringbone tights that I buckled and bought were the same herringbone tights that made my heart leap two years ago when I bagged my first pair: the year was 2007, I was employed as a fashion editor, and I couldn’t stop wearing my herringbone tights under all my fall dresses. Life was good.

And then, suddenly, life was not so good. December of that year was a craptastic month in more ways than one – not only did our office close down, leaving me out of a job, but my beloved J. Crew herringbone tights became hopelessly frayed when I foolishly wore them with my tall riding boots. Apparently the inside of the zipper at the boot’s top had a rough edge, and when I took them off that day I was dismayed to find the area just behind the knee of my tights filled with irreparably fuzzy, snagged stubble.  I couldn’t bear to throw the tights away, and have attempted to camouflage the surly snaggles by wearing extra high boots and by pushing my tights down super low. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite working.

So when I walked into J. Crew yesterday for a little Columbus Day stroll through the mall (prompted by the hubby, in search of a jacket), I was over the moon to find that the Crew brought back my beloved tights for the Fall 2009 season. I might have gotten a little too carried away, and actually ended up buying the herringbone tights in two colors. But I’ll return one of them… tomorrow. I promise. 🙂

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100th Post, and new 20 something musings

I realize this picture is totally random and does not correlate with the post whatsoever, but I love it, and this is my blog so I can do what I want. So there.

"This as real as it gets" (10 pts for anyone who knows where those lyrics come from). I realize this picture is totally random and does not correlate with the post whatsoever, but I love it. Plus, I really wanted an excuse to make reference to the "I'm on a Boat" music video, hehehe...

I have a confession. I have been putting off my 100th post for over a week now, ever since I realized that it was the 100th Shopaholica post. The enormity of the milestone post weighed on me for some time, and I didn’t want it to be wasted on a random hair piece or a few trivial sentences about eyelash enhancing mascara (which, if you are interested in the topic, is on the posting horizon).  However, as the days dragged on and I grew increasingly busy with other work (you know, the painfully dull kind that pays the bills), I realized that unless I just sat down and started typing, Shopaholica would never have a 100th post.

So it is without earth-shattering news,  stories involving wedding planning hilarity or a fabulous must-have frock that I begin my 100th post. I thought perhaps I’d spend the post reflecting on the twists and turns of Shopaholica and my life, and see where it takes me. Who needs a well-planned post when random musings will do, eh? Well, I suppose I’ll let you be the judge of the method’s success.

February 9, 2008 is the fateful day Shopaholica was born into the webiverse. At the time I found myself newly engaged, sitting at home all day and utterly, hopelessly lost as to what my next career move might be. Just two months prior the fabulous fashion startup company I was euphorically climbing the ranks of imploded with a sudden bang, absorbing with it my aspirations to become a young fashion VP selling the virtues of our blog and trend stores to the retail world.  The first day after finding myself jobless I took out every Manolo, Jimmy and Prada pump in my closet and busied myself by hand cleaning and polishing each one to an impeccable gleam. Career be damned, I was going to step out in style regardless of my employment status. Continue reading

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Need… Vacation… Now…

Working around the clock has been starting to get to me. When I’m absurdly busy and stressed to the nines, unfortunately one of my favorite projects, this blog, is the thing that inevitably ends up suffering. I blogged a while back about finding my new path, and it has been the most amazing ride so far. I am starting to book new clients, which is a thrill in itself – I feel so privileged to work with these amazing women to help them create their perfect day. I’ve also already met so many fantastic vendors who I’m brimming with excitement to work with.

However, I’m currently doing a balancing act with my new venture and with writing (until the planning gets off the ground fully), so I feel like I’m working double shifts… and I desperately need a vacation. So when I saw these gorgeous Cruise ’09 ads for Michael Kors I was basically salivating for a getaway. I think the only thing getting me through the work days is a Vegas trip planned for the end of this month (sadly only 2 days), and the much-anticipated trip to Maui (5 days, woot!)  in September.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with these fabulous Mario Testino shots of the Michael Kors Cruise ’09 ad campaign. If you stare at the images long and enough and close your eyes, you can almost see yourself in the location, basking in the sun and wearing fabulously chic cruise wear. Or is that just me? 🙂
michael kors ad

michael kors ad 1

michael kors ad 2

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Pretty Baubles I’d Like To Buy…

Silver Mesh EarringsIs is possible for a lack of money to be burning a hole in your pocket? If so, my pockets are scorched. My wardrobe feels fairly complete, but my jewelry box does not. I had many fabulous pieces of costume jewelry that I’ve collected over the years, which suited me just fine. Then, early last year without any warning, I became horribly allergic to all my beloved costume earrings. I was seriously devastated, since I prefer to spend money on clothing instead of jewelry, and buying cheap but cute earrings was my shopping M.O..  Amethyst Gold Drop Earrings

Fast forward to today, when I still have to get over the reluctance to plunk down more than $10 for a pair of trendy earrings – I’ve fallen in love with these two pretty yet simple pairs of earrings on Etsy. The first (Exhibit A) is handmade netted silver with a vintage crystal chandelier (!) in the middle, crafted by seller Precious Meshes. The second (Exhibit B), is a delicate solid gold and amethyst pair of earrings by Tahirih. Readers, what do you think: is the juice worth the squeeze (on my wallet)?

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Friday Inspiration – Perfect Party Dress

monique-lhuillier-yellow-silk-party-dress3Heading into a weekend filled with (3) parties and wedding planning, visions of gorgeous party frocks have been dancing in my head.  Though Monique Lhuillier’s drool-worthy dresses are leagues above my budget, this stunner from her Spring ’09 collection is a source of endless inspiration. The golden yellow pattern is actually upside-down wheat stalks (!) printed on the silk organza dress. If you are in the market for a head-turning Spring and Summer dress, and have some extra dollers to burn through, Monique Lhuillier is the designer to buy.

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Lust-Inducing Undies

myla-pink-and-black-underwear1While perusing my old, unattainably priced haunt Net-a-Porter, I happened across the prettiest pair of undies. Delicate and delicious in the classic boudoir color combo { sweet, girly pink paired with racy, suggestive black }, they were ruffled perfection. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this adorable pair of undies came from a company I had never heard of – Myla.

Perhaps it’s my self-imposed high-end retail hiatus, or maybe the company is relatively new on the radar. Either way, I checked out their other Net-a-Porter offerings and fell in love with just about every piece of lingerie they have in the collection (although I admit I balked at the uber high-crotch thong… a little 80’s for my taste).

Since I cannot currently afford $120 underwear (apparently there’s this thing called a downpayment that is rudely cramping my style), this lovely lingerie will only inspire shopping lust in me, not for the hubby.  But if you are in the market for a ridiculously sexy splurge (honeymoon on the horizon, perhaps?), definitely check out Myla’s well-designed line.

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