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Summer On Sale!

Now that Fall items are flooding stores, summer’s bounty has hit the clearance racks – cha-ching! There are few things I love more than a great sale, and end of season sales are my favorite type of sale. Stores are desperate to liquidate clothes that will soon be out of season, and you, the buyer, have a chance to swoop in and scoop up all the pretty little things your heart desires for half the price.

Words to the Wise…

When buying stuff on sale, steer clear of the trendy, of-the-moment items. Pick classics, items that could have been worn a two years ago and that you think will still be worn two years from now. Simple items are also good choices; pick pieces you can dress up or down, and completely change the look of with a few trendy accessories. These pieces will stand the test of time, and won’t be something you’ll regret buying just because it was on sale. The ultimate test for a sale item is, “Would I have paid full price for this item?” If the answer is no, consider whether you really love it, or if you’re just after a good bargain.

Here are 3 cute picks from ShopBop’s end of summer sale:

1. Susana Monaco Ruffle Dress – I believe this baby went on sale because the ShopBop stylist didn’t belt the dress, leaving it to hang like a sack on the model. If you add a cute belt to this dress, it’s perfect to wear throughout Fall, Spring, and next Summer!

2. Cynthia Steffe Keyhole Dress – This one also desperately needs a belt, but it a beautiful, classic dress. Add a black belt, and you can wear this one out at night with black tights and heels, or out shopping with t-strap flats. The colors are neutral, which adds years to its closet life and wearability!

3. Alice & Olivia Paris Rose Patio Dress – I know the patio dress is typically summer-wear, but the deep maroon color of this particular maxi dress is perfect for early Fall as well. Just toss on a cropped jacket with rolled up sleeves and a stand-up collar for added warmth.


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